What is gold and how to get it in Free Fire?

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que es el oro y como conseguir mas en free fire

Surely you are wondering how you can get more gold in Free Fire and in this post, we want you to find everything you need about gold in Free Fire, what it is, and how to get it more easily.

What is gold and what is it for in Free Fire?

The second most important in-game currency (free) after diamonds is gold because with gold you can get various rewards in the store, from skins, characters, or spaces for character skills, it is also used to try your luck in the Luck Royale and Gold Royale, the roulette of Free Fire. We always recommend that you buy everything you can with gold and anything else that can’t be bought with gold, use diamonds in the end.

The most positive point of gold is that it is much easier to get than diamonds. If you want to know how to get more diamonds in Free Fire, we have made a complete post on how to get free diamonds in Free Fire.

daily rewards in free fire to get gold

How to earn gold in Free Fire

There are different methods to be able to earn daily gold in Free Fire and we tell you about it in 5 quick points.

  1. Playing games: the most basic and all players know, the main secret and the way to earn gold faster is playing, you will earn much more if you win games thanks to the missions that are performed daily, but if you are still new to Free Fire, you will have gold even if you do not win anything. The only drawback is that it has a daily limit, so don’t go out of your way to play for many hours just for the gold
  2. Open the free boxes: daily you will have the option in the store to open the free chests, these often contain gold which you can collect day after day. Use this method in conjunction with playing games to get the most out of the daily rewards.
  3. Access the game daily: another method with which you will get free gold is by accessing the game daily, much better if you do not stop accessing a single day, even if it is only to collect the daily rewards, the more constant you are entering Free Fire, the more rewards you will get in the form of gold.
  4. Ranked games: if you are a player who loves ranked, you should know that these at the end of the season also give gold once it is finished, the more rank you are, the more gold you get, starting from 1,000. If you want to learn how to rank up as you’ve never done before, we have a guide for you.
  5. Join a clan: in the clan, you will get even more benefits to earn gold, in the first case join a Clan, it gives gold, so by here you will already be earning, also the daily rewards will be better if the clan level is higher.

Use these 5 methods, play ranked, do not leave any free chest unopened, perform all the quests you can and you will see how little by little you will consolidate the amount of gold that has your account.

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