11 games similar to Fortnite (Battle Royale) that you can not miss

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December 30, 2021

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Surely any video game lover has heard of and wished to play Fortnite at one time or another. This popular video game has reached a popularity that was once unimaginable. In part, thanks to how fun it is and how well done it is, but also thanks to the publicity that many athletes and celebrities have given it.

Knowing that it’s one of the best games in the shooter genre at the moment, surely there aren’t many people who look beyond this title when looking to have fun. But for those of you who want to try something slightly different, we bring you the solution.

In this guide, we’ll show you a number of Fortnite-like games so you can enjoy a wider range of excellent quality games. And don’t worry, we’ll present titles for all kinds of consoles. So cheer up and take note.

Call of Duty Mobile


We start the selection with the famous CoD Mobile, which provides an alternative to mobile phones for its users to enjoy this excellent title, which has been triumphing for years on all consoles.

Call of Duty Mobile.

This classic has a Battle Royale mode, in which you will face off against several players from all over the world, looking to be the last survivor. In this installment of CoD, you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of different weapons: automatic rifles, sniper rifles, semi-automatic weapons, and everything you can imagine.

How could it be otherwise, this title surprises with the possibility of selecting a class system in which, depending on the one you choose, you can get a specific skill?

And if by any chance you get tired of facing shots against other players, you can opt for other game modes. You can also test your aim as a sniper, plant bombs, and many other possibilities.

All in all, CoD Mobile promises to make you spend a lot of hours enjoying yourself to the fullest, whether you’re playing with your friends or taking on other people.

All in all, CoD Mobile is a great game to play.

Apex legends


This title is perfect for Fortnite lovers, as it combines elements of this successful Battle Royale with the Titanfall environment. You’ll be able to enjoy this title if you have a PS4, an Xbox One, or a PC.

If you have a PS4, and Xbox One, or a PC.

As in other shooters, such as Free Fire, you’ll be able to choose from a good catalog of characters, which have exclusive abilities and different strengths and weaknesses, looking for a more personalized game system, with characters ideal for each type of player.

Once you have decided on your character, you will enter a combat field where a total of 60 players face each other, usually in groups of 3.

Apex Legends is an outstanding title thanks to the intensity of its combat. Once you enter the battle you can’t get distracted or you run the risk of being annihilated. But if that happens, don’t worry, it’s not the end, as it offers several ways to reintegrate you back into the action.

It’s imperative that you get back into action.

It’s imperative that you know how to move in the field and understand is the ideal time to pick up loot if you want to achieve success. So now you know, if you liked Fortnite and Titanfall, you can’t miss out on trying Apex Legends.

If you’re a fan of Fortnite and Titanfall, you can’t miss out on Apex Legends.

PUBG Mobile


Another title that enjoys great acceptance by the general public is PUBG Mobile. Being a title that you can download for free on your mobile, many people have been encouraged to try it and more than one has been more than hooked.

This shooter title is really very complete. You can drive vehicles, use a multitude of different weapons, and even it has an update that includes zombies.

Among its features are its immense maps, a very successful system of customizable controls, voice chat to communicate with your tactical team, and excellent graphics. Thanks to this, PUBG Mobile has become one of the Battle Royale favorites of users in recent times.

Darwin Project


Darwin Project is a bit of a departure from what we’ve been showing you in previous games. However, it’s pretty close to the mechanics of Fortnite, although with its differences, of course.

This particular game unfolds in an environment in which 10 players face each other to achieve survival, all under the supervision of an entity that acts as “Show Director”, which will be in charge of activating macabre traps along with the map

And if facing 9 other players is not enough for you, add the weather factor, since you can even die of cold.

Darwin Project is interesting for its gameplay and because the scenario has an impact on the development of the games, having each scenario a type of threat to the players derived from its characteristics.

Another aspect that makes this game a particular one is that it allows some spectators to join the game. These spectators will have the power to decide which player the Show Director will rage against, so it’s in your best interest to sympathize with them. In addition, these spectators can bet on which player they think will win the game.

They can also bet on which player they think will win the game.

Enjoy this wacky title if you have Xbox One, PS4, or PC.

Realm Royale


Battle Royale that you may not have heard much about, however, it’s really fun and unique, so it’s worth including it in the games you can try if you want to spend a few hours of fun.

A game that you can try if you want to spend a few hours of fun.

You can play it alone or in teams of up to 4 members and, of course, the main objective is to be the last one standing.

Something that stands out about this game is the option to upgrade the objects you find throughout the game using other objects, so we advise you to collect everything you can as you advance through the map.

But that’s not the only thing that stands out about this game

It is the option to upgrade the objects you find throughout the game using other objects.

But that’s not, by far, the funniest aspect of this good title. The most curious thing is its system to revive because when you die you become… A GIANT HEN! You will have to survive for a while in this state and, if you succeed, you will return to your original form and you can continue in the fight.

Realm Royale uses a class system to choose the characters and each character class corresponds to a certain type of ability. This is intended to enhance the skills of each user, as each character has weaknesses and strengths that adapt to certain types of players.

Realm Royale uses a class system to choose characters, and each character class corresponds to a certain type of skill.

Without a doubt, Realm Royale is a title that promises to make you spend a lot of time enjoying battle and will surely make you laugh more than once with your friends. Enjoy this title if you have a Nintendo Switch, a PS4, an Xbox One, or a PC.

Creative Destruction


One of the characteristic aspects of Fortnite is the construction and destruction of shelters, which is very useful if you are looking to protect yourself to survive. And it’s precisely that feature that stands out the most in Creative Destruction

In this Battle Royale you’ll enjoy the best battles within huge, well-designed maps, with a huge diversity of weapons; from the most common ones, such as pistols and rifles, to the most extravagant ones, such as a powerful flamethrower.

Enjoy a good amount of different game modes with which you will spend a lot of time without getting bored and enjoy its entertaining game mechanics.

Creative Destruction is the ideal title for Fortnite lovers and you can enjoy it on both PC and mobile, what are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival

This game is one of the most complete that can be found when we talk about mobile games. It enjoys great popularity and that itself is what guarantees that you will never run out of opponents before starting a game.

In this game, you will find yourself immersed in a battle in which up to 120 players can participate. And you may wonder: how is it possible to fit so many players in a single battle arena? The answer is simple: the map where you will fight is HUGE. It has an area of 8 x 8 kilometers, so that amount of players will fit comfortably.

The interesting thing about this game is that this considerably large surface does not have eternal durability, that is, as time goes by the area will be reduced little by little, so we recommend that you do everything possible to stay away from the limits and eliminate all the players in the shortest time.

As you can imagine, with such a large map, it is necessary the appearance of vehicles help you move quickly and Rules of Survival has not denied us this possibility, putting at your disposal different types of vehicles along with the map.

You can play in solo mode, or multiplayer. Regardless of the mode you choose, fun is guaranteed.

Knives Out


This game features a large map and different terrains. The objective is simple: you have to be the last one standing to win the game. To do this, the best thing you can do is to scour the map in search of weapons and other elements that will help you survive, such as health, for example.

In its large map, up to 100 different players participate and you can find areas such as snowy mountains, islands, or abandoned urban areas.

One of the most outstanding aspects of Knives Out is the possibility to customize the fights, preconfiguring the rules to make them more entertaining. This gives it a touch of freshness that many other titles lack.

Enjoy single-player, cooperative, squad, and the famous Fireteam mode. You can play Knives Out on your mobile device.

Prison Royale


With Prison Royale, you will fight not only for survival but also for your freedom. Your mission will be to eliminate all those who want to get between you and your freedom. To do this, you must tear down walls and furniture to find the weapons that will help you defend yourself.

Collect all the coins you can to escape from the prison in a helicopter. Cooperate with other inmates to escape and then betray them to be the only survivor at the end of the game.

You will be able to choose from many different characters and you can use different vehicles, a lot of different weapons, and items that you can unlock.

The fight for freedom has never been so intense, do you dare to give it a try?


fortcraft game

This game borders on the cheeky because of its obvious similarities to Fortnite. So much is the resemblance that many people have dubbed it as “the Fortnite clone”. Perhaps the developers have taken to heart what they say about “don’t modify what already works”, but to their credit, we can say that yes, it really does work.

FortCraft offers you a really big arsenal and diverse scenarios where the action takes place. The weapons you’ll be able to choose from will be available only on the islands where you find them, and you’ll face 99 other players who can collaborate or compete against you, depending on the game mode you want to play.

In the development of the game, you will have to build constructions to protect yourself and use all your ingenuity to make your opponents fall into your traps or, if it’s more your style, go hunting after all of them.

We don’t think we need to tell you again but, if you’re looking for something very similar to Fortnite, this is a safe bet. If you have an Android phone, head over to PlayStore and download it for free.

Islands of Nyne

If all the titles we showed you previously had something in common, it’s that in all of them it seemed like you were fighting for your own free will. In this title that’s not the case, as in this case, your character is a test subject belonging to some alien race and the fight that’s about to begin is part of a slightly sickening spectacle.

Here you will face up to 50 players in total, and each player will start from 0 in the battle. You’ll have to get your weapons and take care of everything around you as you make your way around the map.

The design of this game is very successful and is something that engages many players. Its futuristic style, the way of modifying the weaponry, and the bursts of action are what make Island of Nyne a title that you must try yes or yes. You can only play it on PC.

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