How to get diamonds in cooking madness (Cooking Madness)

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Cooking Madness is an exciting game that challenges your culinary and management skills. The objective of the game is to prepare and serve dishes to customers efficiently, keeping them happy to earn diamonds and progress in the game. But how can we get more diamonds to advance faster? Let’s find out!

How to get diamonds or gems

Earning gems

There are several ways to earn gems in Cooking Madness, and one of the simplest is to regularly increase your XP. For every level you climb, you can earn 7 gems. Additionally, by playing at the casino right after claiming your daily income from your restaurants, you can win up to 30 gems per day.

Reading stories and chapters

Another easy and simple way to earn diamonds is by reading more story numbers and chapters in the game. Resources are earned by completing more chapters and reading more stories.

Strategies for advancing in the game

Preparation and planning

Preparing dishes in advance is an excellent strategy to keep customers happy and earn more points. Before starting to play, it’s helpful to check the level objectives to have a clear idea of what you need to do.

Upgrades and rewards

Upgrading your equipment and ingredients will allow you to cook faster and serve more customers. Additionally, you can earn rewards by purchasing card packs, spinning the wheel, and playing Bingo.

Using boosters

Boosters are useful tools that can help you reach the required goal and complete a level. For example, you can use the ‘Cupcake’ booster during a level to increase the happiness of a customer who is becoming more impatient.

Become a master chef

Tips and tricks

To become a master chef, you need to learn how to create combos and serve dishes quickly. A combo can consist of 3, 4, or 5 dishes that need to be served to customers as quickly as possible.

Additionally, participating in events and completing daily missions will also help you progress quickly in the game.

Guild participation

Advancing in the guild league

Being a member of a guild allows you to participate in guild quests and move up in the guild league. To move to the next league, your guild must occupy a spot with a green arrow and maintain it until the guild mission timer runs out.

Obtaining rubies

You can obtain rubies by ranking first on the restaurant leaderboard, getting a daily reward, spinning the wheel of fortune, completing achievements, earning a prestige medal, visiting friends’ restaurants, completing daily missions, and participating in contests on the game’s social media pages.


Cooking Madness is an exciting and challenging game that tests your culinary and management skills. With the strategies and tips shared in this article, we hope you can earn more diamonds, progress faster in the game, and become a master chef. Good luck!

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