How does Incense work in Pokémon GO?

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Incense is a powerful tool in Pokémon GO that is useful for attracting Pokémon to your location. It can be acquired with real money or as a reward when leveling up as a Trainer. We explain everything you need to know about its usage and acquisition.

Using Incense in Pokémon GO

Incense attracts Pokémon to your position for 30 minutes, although it can last longer during special events. The way Incense works varies depending on your activity:

  • If you remain stationary, a Pokémon will appear every five minutes.
  • If you are moving, a Pokémon will appear every minute or every 200 meters you travel, whichever happens first.

Incense not only attracts nearby Pokémon but can also attract completely new ones. When activated, your character/avatar will be surrounded by a pink cloud.

The most efficient way to use Incense

  1. Keep moving: Incense is more effective when you’re on the move. If you stay still, a Pokémon will appear every five minutes. However, if you move, you can attract a Pokémon every minute or every 200 meters, whichever happens first. This means you’ll have more opportunities to attract and capture Pokémon if you’re constantly moving.
  2. Use Incense during events: During special events, Incense can last longer than the standard 30 minutes. Additionally, during some events, certain types of Pokémon can be attracted more frequently with Incense. Stay informed about Pokémon GO events and use your Incense accordingly.
  3. Combine it with other bonuses: If possible, use Incense along with other bonuses like Lucky Eggs or Lure Modules. Lucky Eggs grant you double experience for 30 minutes, so you can gain more experience while capturing the Pokémon attracted by Incense. Lure Modules, on the other hand, attract Pokémon to a specific PokéStop.
  4. Take advantage of the Daily Adventure Incense: If you can complete the special research “A Mysterious Incense,” you’ll receive a Daily Adventure Incense every day you log in to play. Make sure to use this Incense every day to attract additional Pokémon to your location.
  5. Pay attention to Incense notifications: When a Pokémon is attracted by Incense, you’ll receive a notification on your device. Be ready to capture the Pokémon as soon as it appears.

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How to obtain Incense and its cost

Incense can be obtained for free as part of level rewards or special research, although it cannot be obtained from PokéStops. You can also purchase it from the in-game virtual store:

  • 1 Incense: 80 PokéCoins (approximately $0.80)
  • 8 Incense: 500 PokéCoins (approximately $4.59)

Myths about infinite Incense

Despite rumors of an “infinite Incense trick,” such a trick does not exist. The most efficient use of Incense is achieved

by moving around. Capture Pokémon every five minutes if you stay still, but every minute or every 200 meters if you move.

Daily Adventure Incense

Since July 2022, Pokémon GO has introduced the Daily Adventure Incense, which is free for all players. It is unlocked by completing the special research “A Mysterious Incense” and can be obtained once daily upon logging into the game.

The Daily Adventure Incense has some differences compared to regular Incense:

  • It lasts for 15 minutes and creates a blue cloud around your avatar.
  • It attracts different wild Pokémon to your position, but only if you’re walking.
  • It can attract rarely seen wild Pokémon and occasionally even legendary Pokémon.
  • When depleted, it shows you a summary of all the Pokémon you’ve captured with its help.

This Incense can be used once per day and does not accumulate. Additionally, if you have 30 or fewer Poké Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls, you’ll receive 30 extra Poké Balls as a gift when using a Daily Adventure Incense.


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