How to get Excellent shots in Pokémon GO

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When we make an excellent throw, the chances of capturing that Pokémon increase significantly. An excellent throw will almost always ensure the capture. Of course, sometimes luck plays a role, along with the circle that indicates the difficulty of capturing that Pokémon. In this article, we’ll teach you how to improve your throw and test it while catching Pokémon.

What are Excellent Throws in Pokémon GO?

Excellent Throws occur when you land the Pokéball inside the circle that always appears around the Pokémon. As you can see in the image, Magikarp has a greenish circle. This circle is where you need to aim the Pokéball. When the circle is smaller, it’s harder to hit, but if you manage to, capturing will be much easier. For Excellent Throws, they occur when the circle is about to get large, at its smallest size.
Catching Pokémon circle

How should we throw the Pokéball?

The best thing you can do to achieve excellent throws is to practice. But it also helps a lot to spin the Pokéball in a 360º motion. If you make a curveball combined with an excellent throw, the experience gained will be higher.

Keep in mind that not all Pokémon will be docile and easy to capture. Some, like the legendary ones, constantly attack or even move. Therefore, you should wait for them to attack before throwing the Pokéball.

To make an excellent throw, it will be much easier on larger Pokémon because the circle will also be large. For smaller Pokémon, it’s much harder to hit. Some Pokémon even fly, and here, the player’s skill plays a significant role.

Understanding the Circle Mechanism

You should know that the circle shrinks once you touch the Pokéball to throw it. To make an excellent throw, you’ll need to wait a few seconds for the circle to become smaller. There are three different circle types in Pokémon:

  • Green: You’ll likely capture the Pokémon easily almost every time you hit it.
  • Orange: Pokémon with an orange circle are harder to capture, and you’ll probably need to land the Pokéball inside this circle to capture them.
  • Red: Here, you should try to throw the Pokéball to achieve either a Good or Excellent throw; otherwise, it’s pretty hard to capture the Pokémon.

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We’ve provided a short video where you can learn the technique:


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