How to get Pokéballs in Pokémon GO without a PokéStop?

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To be able to catch the maximum number of Pokémon, you will constantly need to obtain Pokéballs, otherwise, you won’t be able to continue hunting Pokémon. In this article, we show you the easiest ways to get Pokéballs, be they super balls or Ultra balls, completely free.

Remember, the simplest way to have Pokéballs at your disposal is with the Pokéstops. However, this post teaches you how to collect the maximum amount without the Pokéstops.

Gifting presents to your friends

The first way to obtain items and get Pokéballs is with friend gifts, and without even leaving your house. Every day with the gifts you get from Pokéstops, give them to your friends to obtain items. Often, among the rewards, you will find an Ultra Ball ideal for capturing more challenging Pokémon.

Leveling up

By reaching a new level, you will always receive some Pokéballs, whether they are Super Balls or Ultra Balls. With 50 levels available in the game, initially, it is much easier to progress, and therefore, you will receive more Pokéballs. Take advantage of the early levels to increase your backpack.

Research Tasks and Adventure Sync

Special and field research tasks proposed by Professor Willow are an excellent source of Poké Balls. Additionally, through the Adventure Sync function, by walking certain kilometers weekly, you will receive special rewards every Monday, including Poké Balls.
Find out how Adventure Sync works.

Purchasing with Pokécoins: the payment option

Although it is possible to buy Poké Balls with Pokécoins in the game store, it is not the most recommended option. Pokécoins are valuable and it is better to invest them in more exclusive items. If you still decide to buy, the prices are 20 Poké Balls for 100 Pokécoins, 100 Poké Balls for 460 Pokécoins, and 200 Poké Balls for 800 Pokécoins.
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