How to improve Aim in Valorant? Tools and tips

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improve you aim valorant

If you are looking to climb your Valorant rank and only want to stay in the same league, we recommend that you take a look at these tools and tips to at least improve your aim and muscle reaction.

Check out the best tools to improve your AIM in Valorant

Aim Lab

Currently, there is a program called Aim Lab that serves both CS: GO and Valorant although the creators say it is in Early Access, it offers a very positive experience in all aspects. It is a program totally free and downloadable via Steam that you can use before entering your competitive games or even practice your shots day by day.

valorant aim train

The best thing about Aim Lab is that they have created identically many areas of the Valorant maps so you can practice them with all the peeks that are presented, if in Haven you find it hard to enter for C you have the possibility to practice it with this tool.

But it is not only this, Aim Lab offers you the possibility to practice:

  • Flicks
  • Headshots
  • Crosshead tracking
  • Crossover tracking
  • Muscle reaction
  • Reflections
  • and much more

Here you have a professional player named Horcus where his daily basis is 2h training in Aim Lab.

3D Aim trainer

3d aim trainer

Another tool also very interesting to practice Aim, this time for browsers, easy to use and without downloading anything. You can access from here and start training your aim and speed with the mouse. The only drawback of 3D aim Trainer is that the sensitivity settings are more complex, you can not customize it as much as in Aim lab, also the exercises are more limited but still useful enough to be able to perform any practice.

As in Aim Lab it has a ranking system where you can test yourself and improve day by day. The scoring system is very useful to check if you are improving.

Practice tool in Valorant

valorant practice tool

As you may already know, there is a practice tool in Valorant, very useful for warming up before competitive games. Our recommendation is that you do a round of killing 100 bots and every day try to improve the time in which you kill them, try once doing strafe or another one totally static, practice, practice, practice, and practice.

In addition, the Valorant practice tool offers other alternatives that you can’t enjoy in the others, the one to defuse a planted Spike or the one to plant the spike yourself (much more difficult).

Having free availability with all the Agents, you can even practice with Jett’s ultimate while flying or practice throwing grenades with Raze to improve your Strafe while throwing a Grenade.

As you can see all the tools are useful and each one stands out in the field. The best is to combine Aim Lab + Practice Tool and go write down all the results in Excel so you can day by day see if there is an improvement.


Valorant’s all-against-all offers you the possibility to practice everything you have trained so far in the different tools mentioned above. Practice here the Strafe(lateral movement to avoid enemy bullets), headshots, and your movement with the player. You don’t have to come first because you will be playing with players of much higher rank than you, but try to be more positive than negative.

Performing a Deathmatch before entering a ranked game is the best recommendation to improve your Aim that we can give you.

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