How to improve graphics in Free Fire and what types exist

Many players are those who ask us how to get more quality graphics in their Free Fire games. In this post, we want to help you a little to have the best configuration so you can enjoy Free Fire at the highest graphical level.

The first thing you should know is that the Garena Free Fire game is made for low-performance cell phones to work perfectly. If you want more graphics you have the option to play Free Fire MAX, although we made an article where we talked about the Free Fire requirements, check it out to see if your cell phone can run the game correctly.

ultra graphic

Ultra graphics

soft graphics

Soft graphics

In the game, you can appreciate it much better than with a picture but the textures in the soft graphics are minimal, there is not even details for the leftovers, it is the flat image, all to boost the performance of the game on lower-quality cell phones.

How to change the graphics in Free Fire?

It’s really very simple, all you have to do is go to the configuration/settings menu that you will find on the main screen of the game. Better to do it on the main screen although you also have the option to do it in-game to test which is the best graphics configuration and if your game works well and without strange jerks.

An FPS jerk or “lag” produced by bad graphics can make you lose games, so this can be a very interesting factor to improve even your aim.

What graphics to put in Free Fire?

Our recommendation is that if you use a cellular device quite old is that you go down to the minimum and put in soft graphics, instead of for mobile devices with more power, there should be no problem to have in ultra the image.

Another option is if you see that the game goes like jerks, that means that you have low FPS and the cell phone can not with the game, in this case, it is best to lower the graphics.

The best configuration for an optimal game is:

  • Graphics: Ultra
  • Brightness: Classic
  • High FPS: high
  • Shade: off
  • High resolution: normal

This setting is for cellular devices with low performance.

Other changes you can make

Many times in the cell phones we leave many tabs open or even other games open, it is best to close them all before starting Free Fire, it is also a good idea to have the mobile device charging for battery optimization, if you can not be charging the cell phone, you can disable the battery saver option and thus have 100% of resources to play Free Fire.

Try within the game different settings, soft, standard or ultra, and change the High-Performance options so that it is 100% adapted to your device.

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