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Do you like Minecraft? You will know that this popular game gives you the possibility to insert new commands that activate cheats in specific versions of the game and serve to create the Minecraft world to your liking. You will have a large number of possibilities that may naturally be inaccessible to you.

These commands have appeared during the time of their updates, so their list has currently grown. In this list, we gather all the must-have commands that you will be able to execute in Minecraft worlds.

How to activate Minecraft commands

These commands are triggered by typing a specific sequence of characters. With them, you can modify the reality of Minecraft in numerous incredible ways. As requirements, you just need to use the syntax correctly, a powerful computer, and let the ideas flow.

A normal client enters the commands through the chat window, by pressing the T key or the / key. Without using the / key it is automatically entered in the bar with which all commands start. By typing Tab ↹ when inserting a command, it displays the possible commands or arguments.

You can also enter the commands in the console of a multiplayer server. In this case, they do not require the / part, although if you use it there is no problem. The block commands are activated in a similar way and it is not necessary to have the initial slash. Command block commands are acquired by placing the following code: /give (username) command_block.

using commands

In what situations are the commands available?

Most of them are in:

  • A multiplayer server. From a server administrator or a command block.
  • Other multiplayer games. From the player who has started the LAN game with cheats enabled. Also from a person who installs his own multiplayer server.
  • Single player mode. When commands are enabled in the world creation, via the “More world options…”

All commands

Remember that the cheats are entered as they appear in the listing and that all begin with /. Likewise, you must keep in mind to respect white space, underscores, lowercase, and uppercase letters. Let’s clarify one thing, colons are not part of the command.

We are also going to add a list of parameters. These refer to various entities within the game world and can be other players, animals, enemies, etc. Attached to a cheat command they can add a parameter. These are the following shortcuts that are explained in these actions:

  • @p: the nearest player.
  • @a: all players.
  • @r: a random player.
  • @r: a random player.
  • @s: the entity that executes the command.
  • @e: all entities.

Commands game mode

  • /gamemode survival: is changed to Survival Mode.
  • /gamemode creative: is changed to Creative Mode.
  • /gamemode creative: is changed to Creative Mode.
  • /gamemode adventure: is changed to Adventure Mode.
  • /gamemode adventure: is changed to Adventure Mode.
  • /gamemodespectator: is changed to Spectator Mode.

Commands to change difficulty

  • /difficulty normal: Switch to Normal Mode.
  • Difficulty normal: Switch to Normal Mode.
  • /difficulty easy: Switch to Easy Mode.
  • /difficulty easy: Switch to Easy Mode.
  • /difficulty hard: Switch to Hard Mode.
  • /difficulty hard: Switch to Hard Mode.
  • /difficulty peaceful: Switch to Peaceful Mode. (no hostile mobs)

Time and world commands

  • /time set day: it becomes daytime.
  • /time set night: it’s done at night.
  • /time set 18000: it is midnight.
  • /time set 12000: it gets dark.
  • /time set 6000: noon.
  • /time set 0: sunrise.
  • /gamerule doDaylightCycle false: No time passes, it freezes in its current state.
  • /time query gametime: Returns gametime.
  • /seed: Generates a seed that will allow you to recreate your world later

Commands that change the weather

  • /weather clear: Clear Sky
  • /weather rain: It rains
  • /weather thunder: Rain and lightning
  • /gamerule doWeatherCycle false: Current weather is maintained.

Here is an article where we talk about the weather commands.

Enchanting objects

/enchant Name EnchantName enchantmentlevel

To enter this command you must know what:

  • Name: It is your name.
  • EnchantName: It can be the English name of the enchantment or its in-game ID. The game itself has a little “autocomplete”. For example, if you type “fire_pr”, it will suggest that you type “fire_protection”.
  • enchantmentlevel: This is a non-binding part of the command and determines the level of enchantment you will apply. For example /enchant SaiSaEr fire_protection3, would apply a level 3 fire protection enchantment to the character SaiSaEr.

Achieve any target

  • /give character name object name objectquantity

This command works like this:

  • Name: Is your name.
  • ObjectName: Is the name of what you want to add. It is very easy to use for those with minimal English skills. For example diamond_pick is a diamond pick. Like the previous case, the game has a small autocomplete feature to help you as you type.
  • If you want to add a diamond pick, you can use it as a diamond pick.
  • objectquantity: This is the number of times that object will appear in your inventory once you enter the command.

Summon characters and NPCs

summon npcs

  • /summon name X Y Z

Here the command makes whatever you put in name appear, as long as it exists in the game. For example, a pig makes a pig appear, spider a spider.

And the X Y Z part sets the exact coordinates on the XYZ axis of the world. This is optional. If you don’t set it, whatever you invoke will appear next to you.


There are 2 versions of this command and they work differently. Be careful, because the first one, in particular, can be tricky to use and end with your death. the first version is:

  • /teleport character name X Y Z

In this case.

  • Character name: It is its name.
  • X Y Z are equivalent to the coordinates on the world axis.

You must pay attention because if you appear too high you can die from the fall.

the second version is:

  • /teleport character name ~X ~ Y

This teleport command is easy to use and teleports you on a horizontal plane, so there is no danger of falling from a great height. Essentially it is used to travel long distances.

You might appear inside a rock and have to chop it up to get out, or in a pile of lava.

  • Character name: This is the name of your character
  • ~X equals the movement they will make in the west/east direction: It is a number that refers to the number of cubes they will move in the west/east direction. If they move west, the number has a – in front of it.
  • ~Y is equivalent to the movement they will make in the north/south direction. It is a number that refers to the number of cubes that will move in the north/south direction. If they move south, the number has a – in front of it.

An example is /teleport SaiSaEr~-17 ~54 will cause the character SaiSaEr to move 17 cubes in the west direction and 54 in the north direction.

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