How to create a portal to the Ender Dragon in Minecraft

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We know that Minecraft is an infinite world and one of its dimensions is the End. Finding this portal is not easy, especially if you do not know the special steps to follow. This is why you will have to be very patient, as well as fight a lot.

Here we tell you what to do to find and activate this portal, one of the most important in Minecraft, and thus reach the area where the Ender Dragon of Minecraft is. Those who kill this Dragon get approximately 68 levels of XP. He is the last enemy of all, they have to face in this epic adventure.

Why activate the End Portal and how to find it?

When you activate this portal, it helps you to enter and reach the third world of Minecraft, as the gateway to that world is this portal. When you reach the end of this adventure, the primary objective is to fight the Ender Dragon and therefore beat the game.

The Final Portal is one of the most important worlds and is used to travel to the end of the world and kill the Ender Dragon. It is the home of all Enderman and of course the Ender Dragon.

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How to find the End Portal

This portal can only be found in the portal room of a fortress.

To get it, you need Ender’s eyes, so you must achieve, Ender Pearls and Blaze Powder, to mix them and make them. When you have a good amount you will go to a Crafting Table and combine, an Ender Pearl with a Blaze Powder, and thus obtain an Ender Eye.

This will create more than 12 of these eyes and once you have these, you must use the Eye in the Overworld. It will fly in one direction, which you must follow until it explodes. You must do this with all the Ender eye, until you see that the Eye, instead of moving further ahead, rises and descends to the ground.

This means that there is a fortress nearby with the Portal to the End. You will have time to prepare the arsenal and everything you have to enter the fortress and liquidate all the enemies.

Ender Pearls and Blaze Powder

Ender Pearls are obtained by defeating the Endermen at night. These enemies can appear anywhere. It is important to remember not to look them in the eye under any circumstances.

Blaze Powder is obtained by defeating the Blaze, which are enemies that appear in the Underworld or Nether, and breaking a Blaze rod. You must go to a fortress and approach the monster generator for it to appear.

You will reach the Nether by creating a minimum frame of 4×5 obsidian cubes and setting a fire in the center, which will cause a portal to appear. It is recommended to have more than a dozen Blaze Pearls and Blaze Powders.

How to create the End Portal

This Portal in Minecraft is an entrance to the world of the Endermans, and evidently to the home of the Ender Dragon. When you eliminate this dragon, you theoretically win the game. This Portal you can create in survival or creative mode.

Survival mode

Players in this mode go to find the portal already existing in a room of a fortress. They can also hit this portal, with an Enderman’s eye, and in this case, these look in the direction of the portal.

Being inside the fortress, it may take some time to find this portal. It is easy to identify because it is a frame placed on the ground with a spawn of mobs near it, a ladder, and there is also a pit with lava.

You will come across a room in which there are 12 End portal frame cubes placed in such a way that they leave a 3×3 square in the center. They will then place an Eye of Ender on each of the End Portal cubes so that the center area becomes the portal.

It may be the case that some of these cubes already have an Enderman’s Eye. Once they are all placed, the Portal to the End will be activated to enter it. Here the battle against the Dragon Ender looms.

When the Portal to the End is already activated, the loading screen will be projected and the player will appear in that dimension. Here there is no way to return, unlike the Nether Portal. In the end, the player will appear on a platform of 5×5 obsidian cubes.

Creative Mode

In this mode everything is free and you will always be able to have unlimited resources and absolute freedom. Creating a portal to access this dimension will be easy. The players must make the portal themselves with the 12 cubes (Ender’s eyes). They are going to place these cubes to create a 3×3 space and distribute the 12 cubes on 3 sides, each of 3 cubes, and thus activate it.

What this means is that this portal is activated when an Eye of Ender is placed in each block of the End portal frame by creating 9 cubes within the frame. This allows players to access the end. Should the frame be destroyed, the portal cubes can still operate.

By placing all of Ender’s eyes, activity is needed. Therefore, one of the cubes in the center must be broken and it will activate. When the portal appears you will be able to jump to another dimension, where the long-awaited battle with the Ender Dragon will be.

To get out of the end you must kill the dragon or let your character be killed and return to the world again. In this way, you will appear in the same box you were born in or in the last bed your character slept in.

In this mode, players can create their own portal, although this will only work if all the cubes of the End portal frame are placed front-facing inwards.

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