The biomes of Minecraft: a complete guide

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Minecraft is full of different types of biomes that have been modeled after real-world vegetation patterns. Over time, various biomes have been added to their worlds. There are different types that you will encounter in the game. Some are snowy, others are rocky, tropical, and the list goes on.

In this article, we talk about the main biomes in Minecraft so that you can get to know them and choose the one that most catches your attention.

The main biomes in Minecraft

Among the various landscapes that are known as biomes are wild forests, virgin deserts, spectacular snow-capped mountains, and plains.

There are currently multiple categories, but we will focus on those favored by Minecraft players.


plains minecraft

Plains are one of the most common biomes and are a good choice for building. Generally, they tend to be the ones most players start with. Its main feature is that there is grass everywhere and a little variety of trees.

The mostly flat land and lack of trees make it easy to bring your building materials and start a survival base here. However, be aware that the lack of timber may make it difficult to build your first house.

There is no shortage of animals such as cows, pigs, or chickens, which are very common here. Tilling the land for crops is also easier, as it is flatter than other Minecraft biomes.

Plains can appear with a few different variations, including sunflower plains and wildflower plains.


minecraft forests

A forest in Minecraft is a green, grassy area filled with trees. They are an excellent source of wood, saplings, and apples before you start running your first farm.

Like the plains biome, forests can also come with some variations. Variants include the dark oak forest or the birch forest. These variants are similar to a normal one but generate different types of trees (for example, the birch forest will generate more of this type than another).

The dark oak forest biome is a bit unique. Here you can find wooded mansions and it also contains mushroom trees that serve as an easy source to get mushrooms.


minecraft desert

It’s hot, sandy, and low on life. Deserts are one of the best sources of sand in the game thanks to the sheer volume in which it is found here. You won’t find trees or much water here, but you will find plenty of cacti and some dead bushes.

There are some structures that are specifically generated in deserts, such as pyramids and villages.

This biome can be a very dangerous place to wander around at night. There are many enemy mobs lurking, very few animals, and few places to hide or take shelter.

Desert variations include Desert Hills (more hills) and Desert Lakes (more water).

Snowy Tundra

minecraft snowy tundra

It is a cold environment with a North Pole climate. Here you will see lots of snow, frozen lakes or rivers, igloos, and polar bears. Fortunately, you can’t freeze to death in Minecraft, so it’s still a suitable place to live.

Variants of this biome include ice peaks (many ice peaks on the ground) and snowy mountains.


minecraft beach

A beach is formed when the land meets the ocean. There is plenty of sand to make glass and sometimes treasure chests can be found buried under the sand. On rare occasions shipwreck structures are also found along the beaches.

Turtles can only be found in this environment and their shells can be used to make defensive potions.

Emerging near mountain biomes and oceans, a beach will appear at this location.


savanna minecraft

It’s the environment with the kind of land where you’d see lions and elephants roaming, but you won’t find these animals in Minecraft (yet).

Instead, llamas, donkeys, and horses can be found here. The savannah is similar to the plains, but with acacia trees and generally a more “dry” appearance. In fact, if you want acacia wood, this is the only biome where you will find it.

Savanna variants include savanna plateau (steeper terrain), shattered savanna (more random and steep terrain), and shattered savanna plateau (a little softer than normal shattered savanna).

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