Houses in Minecraft: 25 Designs and ideas for houses in Minecraft with video

If you’re a Minecraft fan, you’re sure to be eager to build your own house in the game and would like some recommendations on how to do it. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a list of tips to help you build a house in Minecraft, read on to find out how to do it!

Find the type of house you want to make, there are several options:


Creating a survival house in Minecraft offers many opportunities for players to explore and have fun. This allows you to use your building skills to create a unique and functional structure. The survival house also helps you better understand the natural environments and how they work. This helps you survive in the game and make the most of your resources. In addition, building a survival house is a great way to relax, explore the world, and enjoy creativity.

Basic survival house

We start with a very simple house construction with which you can start creating more difficult ones. With its vegetable garden where you can plant all kinds of plants and with different rooms so you can invite your friends whenever you want.

Tanol games the creator of the video explains how he created this house from 0. It contains subtitles so you can understand what you need to do every second.

Epic survival castle

Don’t want something basic and looking for something beyond? Then try making this huge survival castle. You’ll have hours to invest, but the epicness is sure to be worth it. If you have a lot of time we recommend you make this castle.

Creating a huge survival base

.Don’t want to be alone in your house and want to create the biggest complex you can by offering all your guests a safe place to sleep? Without a doubt, this is the base you need. The huge construction that you can see on his Youtube channel is really amazing and why not say it, the amount of materials used is incredible. A challenge that will take you hours to complete.

Simple house for the first days of Minecraft

A very simple house with which you can survive the first days in Minecraft. If you don’t have much time this is the house you can make and in a few minutes, you will be using it.

House with an entrance to the mine

Want to start digging straight away and at the same time create a survival house? This is the house for you! No doubt this will be your home for a long time and if you are initiated in this game, it won’t cost you much to make it because it can be done with basic materials. On his youtube channel, he has all the objects that the creator used to create such a magnificent house.

Modern Houses

Creating a modern house in Minecraft is a great way to express your creativity and design a unique space. Whether recreating a real-life modern house or inventing one of your own dreams. With these videos, you can have the freedom to build a modern and functional house, following the steps you will have really beautiful houses.

Modern house creation

If you are looking to realize a house that is even more modern than the house where you live, you will discover the difficulty regarding a basic survival house, every detail counts!

Do you dare to create your dream house in Minecraft? Here you have the guide to do it.

Modern wooden house

Enjoy this modern house design made entirely out of wood. The video creator Stramzift shows you step-by-step how to make this beautiful construction in just a few minutes.

Modern house with pool and 3 floors

In Minecraft the variety of houses you can create is unlimited but if you decide to build a house, why not use a guide like the one offered by this YouTuber? A modern house is easy and fast to build!

Modern house for survival

Do you want a house that is modern and at the same time, you can use it for survival? This is the house you need. It’s a pretty simple build because the house isn’t very big but it has everything to enjoy Minecraft perfectly.

Modern house by the water

A modern house and the lake right in front of it, what more could you ask for – with Stramzift you will see how easy it is to build a modern construction in just a few minutes. We recommend you try this house if you want to relax by the water.

Medieval houses

Building a medieval house in Minecraft is a great way to explore medieval history and architecture. You can reconstruct the designs and styles of the period, and build castles, towers, and other buildings typical of the era. You can also propose design elements and add your own style. Building a medieval house in Minecraft can be a great way to have fun while learning about history and architecture.

Small medieval house

If you want to enjoy something simple, and minimalist but at the same time have a medieval touch, this is the construction you are looking for.

Giant castle design

Do you want something epic that’s a big design? Try making this castle with all the details. You’ll fall in love with the basic design and the ease of making it.

Easy medieval house

If you are a beginner in this construction thing, you might want to start here. With YouTuber ArticKraft you can learn how to make this medieval house step by step.

Large houses

Building a large house in Minecraft can be a fun and exciting challenge. In addition to providing a safe home for you, a big house also gives you a place to store equipment, accessories, resources, and other items. A big house can also serve as a meeting point for friends, a base of operations for exploring the world of Minecraft.

Simple and quick big house

If you want to start making big houses this can be your first house, as it is suitable for survival and is quite simple to build as it is very basic in structure. With many rooms for your guests.


In this Sevaris tutorial, you will learn how to create a mansion with all kinds of decorations, quite a challenge because of the level of detail you will have to deal with, but we assure you that the result is amazing.

Easy houses

Creating an easy house in Minecraft is a great way to start building in the game. This allows players to create something that looks like a house without having to invest too much time or effort. This can also help beginners learn the basics of building. Check out these easy-to-create designs.

Easy Wooden House

This two-story house is very small and basic at the same time. It will help you adapt to the game if you want to start with a more or less decent house.

Easy house for difficult beginners

If you do not want to complicate much with your house and want to start exploring the world of Minecraft, this house is for you. In just a few minutes you will have it done and it will help you protect yourself from the night without any kind of problems. It may not be the house of your dreams… but it will help you to advance in the game.

Rustic Houses

Creating a rustic house in Minecraft is a great way to add a unique touch to your world. This allows you to get a glimpse of country life without having to leave your home. Rustic houses can be incredibly fun to build and offer a variety of designs and styles for you to choose from. You can add decorative elements such as plants, flowers, and decorative items to give your home a unique touch. In addition, you can add functional elements such as a well, a kitchen, and a barn to house your animals. This will give you a unique and authentic house that you will have a lot of fun building.

Easy-to-make rustic house

Are you tired of the typical modern houses and want something more classic? This rustic house has everything you need. It’s easy to create and very tucked in, you won’t have to waste any more time creating difficult-to-create houses.

Full rustic house

This house is basically the “ultimate” house with which you will be able to finish your game and invite your friends to rest in it. It contains many rooms very well distributed and a terrace with which you will be able to see if there are enemies nearby.

Rustic mansion

Maybe you were looking for a rustic but enormously large house, if so, here is a guide to creating a whole mansion with wood as the main base. A good challenge that is well worth the effort. This mansion is easy to create as its materials are very basic.

Spanish villa

I bet you didn’t expect a typical Spanish villa. The guide to making this house is fascinating, it contains a swimming pool, a garden and a fountain inside the house! As usual in Spain, the houses are always very decorated with flowers and lots of plants.


Houses in Minecraft with water

Creating a house in water is not the most common thing you will find in Minecraft. Really, it is a fascinating experience because it is a challenge that few of your friends will have achieved, besides being very original. We recommend that you take it easy when you go to create a house underwater.

House creation underwater

Yes, yes, right in the water. It’s not for all players because you can spend a lot of time taking out the water. If you manage to accomplish such a feat we are sure you will be left with something spectacular and you will be the envy of your friends.

Simple house on the water

This very nice house for the views it gives you is not as complex as the previous one but it has its technique too. The house is fully equipped so you can do all the functions properly, with its beds, chests and the spectacular views with the glass giving a view to the outside.

Japanese house design

Creating a Japanese house in Minecraft can be a fun and creative way to express your passion for Japanese culture. It gives you the opportunity to recreate traditional Japanese architecture in any way you want, whether it’s a modern house or a traditional house. You can use typical materials and decorations to bring the house to life. It also offers you a unique opportunity to add your own ideas to the house. Take advantage and call your friends to create this work of art.

Japanese tower

A spectacular design with which you can finally bring out your full potential as an architect. We warn you that this Japanese tower is not at all easy to make and has a significant complexity, even so, isn’t it worth losing a few hours for this work of art?

In conclusion, designing houses in Minecraft can be very fun and satisfying. When designing a house, there are many possibilities to explore, from the different materials you can use to the way the house is organized. The design process allows you to put all your imagination and creativity into creating a unique and extraordinary house. We don’t want you to copy the designs directly, rather make your own tests and squeeze the most out of the game. Enjoy your Minecraft house design experience!

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