How to connect to a server in Minecraft?

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how to join minecraft server

This “Open World” video game allows us to interact with other players in a three-dimensional environment. However, many users have not been able to play because they have not been able to connect to a server. Do not worry, in this tutorial we will explain how to do it, as there are multitudes of both public and private servers.

What should you consider before connecting to a server? If you want to play with a specific group of friends, in Minecraft you can use your computer as a “server”. That is to say, we will be ourselves the hosts of the game so that our companions connect to the network we have created.

There are also public servers where we only have to connect and play immediately. But how to do it?

How to connect to a public server in Minecraft

Within the public servers, all users who wish to do so connect. You only have to enter the IP address of the server and then play. The steps to follow are as follows:

    1. Open the Minecraft video game. IMPORTANT: Use the same game version as that of the server. Otherwise, it would be impossible to connect.
    2. Then, click on “Multiplayer”
    3. You will find a list of servers and you will have to copy the IP address of the server on which you want to play.
    4. Then click on “Add Server”
    5. Finally, paste the IP address that you copied.

After executing all these steps, you will see that the server is active and therefore, you will be able to enter to play.

How to connect to a private server in Minecraft

What is a private server? They are those that can be accessed on the same network as the host. That is, to the IP address of the computer where the video game is hosted. For example, if a friend of ours has created a network, it is he who decides which users can enter and who can not. To enter the private server, we will need software called HAMACHI.


This program is free and you can download it here. This software will create a virtual conduit to maintain a connection to the host server. Once you have downloaded the HAMACHI program, you must perform the following steps.

  1. Install HAMACHI on your computer
  2. Register in the HAMACHI.
  3. On the top left, click where it says “Power On.”
  4. Then, click on “Join an existing network.”
  5. Then, put in the private server information (this data will have been revealed to you by the host). Here you will put the “Network ID” and the “Password.”

Thanks to this software, you don’t need to spend time on configurations and IP addresses. Because HAMACHI simulates a LAN connection as if you had a computer next to another computer that is connected in the same network.

How to solve connection problems on Minecraft servers

Some players have stated that they have experienced connection or stability issues while playing the game. So what is going on in Minecraft? Below, we’ll introduce you to what the possible drawbacks have been.

Having a good Internet connection

Slow connections are the most common problems in video game since not all players have a stable bandwidth. That is, their Internet connection is low.

Therefore, the server cannot keep up with us. So, if your Internet connection or speed is not good enough, the server will kick you out so that you don’t slow down the whole server.

Have the same game version of Minecraft

Did you get an error when trying to connect to the server? If so, you will need to confirm what your game version is. Because the Minecraft that is installed on the server must be compatible with the one you have installed on your computer. If you do not have the same version, an error will occur.

Register name in chat

On some servers, it is possible to connect for a short time but then you get kicked out. But why? What happened? This usually happens on “Non Premium” servers. To solve this problem, you only have to put your name in the chat and you will be registered.

Update Java

Another common problem is when the computer does not have the latest Java update. Resolving this problem is very easy. You only need to access the Java page and verify that you have the latest update. In case you do not have it, proceed to download it.

Connect to a Minecraft server

As you may have observed, to have fun in the Minecraft world on private or public servers you must follow a series of very simple steps. You don’t need to be an expert and you can even open a virtual room yourself, being the host of the game and deciding who plays or not.

However, you must remember that to play on other servers without any inconvenience, you must meet the requirements mentioned above:

  • Good Internet connection
  • Use the same version of the game used by the server.
  • Register your name in the chat.
  • Update Java.

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