How to download skins in Minecraft?

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how to download minecraft skins

If you want your Minecraft character to look different and original, you can change your skin with the multiple alternatives that the game gives you to choose from. You have the options that already come with the game for free, those created by other users, and those that are available for download on the web or payment packages.

Changing the skin is easy and fast. Also, here we are going to explain to you the step by step on how to download them.

Steps to download Minecraft skins

Changing the look of your avatar is very simple. You can do it from your PC or from your mobile. The steps to follow on all three devices are explained.

1. Find a skin to download.

The first step to change the skin is to find one you like. Just searching “Minecraft Skins” in your trusted search engine will bring up hundreds of fantastic options. Once you find one you like, you can download it to your computer. Then, you place it in a location you can easily remember. Our recommendation is to use for convenience and ease.

They are usually essentially very small images in PNG format.

2. Access the Minecraft website from the PC

Next, you will need to go to and log in to your account. Once inside the account, you must go to the option where your email appears, in the upper corner. Here, you must click on a drop-down menu that will show you several options, among these “Profile”.

There, you click on “Skins”, which allows you to see the ones you currently have available along with the option to choose a new one. Click on the “Select Files” button and upload the image you downloaded. Once this is done and it has loaded, you can select between the classic or slim skin..

3. Select whether you want it to be “classic” or “slim”

This game has two skin models: classic and slim. They are often referred to informally among users as Steve and Alex, with “Steve” being the classic model and “Alex” being slim. The differences are almost imperceptible. Most notably, Steve has wider arms and Alex has slimmer arms.

You must remember your choice. Remember that if you select an option that does not match the file, you are going to have display problems.

4. Log into Minecraft and try it out

Now, all you need to do is enter the game. If you’re already in it, log out of Minecraft and then log back in. Once you’ve done that, load a world and press the “F5” key which will allow you to see your new skin.

5. Customize it from the menu

If there are things you don’t quite like or like, you can do customization directly from the menu. You can put a coat or a hat on your character and you don’t have to install any mod to achieve it. To do this, you must go to “Options” and then “Skin customization”.

Other download and installation methods

The steps to download and change the skin from a computer are very simple. If you want to know how to do it from your mobile or other alternatives, here’s how to do it.

Download and change from mobile

skins minecraft for mobiles

The process is similar to the PC version. You must download the files from an alternative website from your mobile browser and save them to your files. Once you have them saved to your device, load Minecraft and choose the settings option at the bottom right of the screen.

Select to choose a new skin and you will have to navigate to where you have saved the file in your mobile memory. Once you have it and load it, the change in your character’s appearance should be done.

Download and change from the console

From the console, things are simpler, although limited. You can only use and buy the ones available for Minecraft.

When you open the game, navigate to the “Help and options” section and click on the change appearance option. There should be a variety of packages you can purchase. After you have made your best choice and paid for the ones you want, you can proceed to make the change to your avatar.

Download and use resource packs

There are packs that bring various resources, be it skins, textures, etc. There is a specific way to install these packs. Below, we detail you:

  1. Download the PlayerSkin zip file
  2. Download a PNG skin from any website on Google.
  3. Make a copy of the image.
  4. Change the name of one of them as “Steve” and the other as “Alex.”
  5. Open the Zip PlayerSkin file with the WinRAR program.
  6. Access the zip folder \ assets \ minecraft \ textures \ entity.
  7. After opening it, drag both “Steve” and “Alex” files into the entity folder, using WinRAR.
  8. Drag them into the entity folder, using WinRAR.
  9. Then copy the PlayerSkin folder.
  10. Open Minecraft, go to settings, open the resource packs folder and paste PlayerSkin there.
  11. Apply the PlayerSkin from the resource packs.
  12. Once the selected skin has been applied, it should change the appearance of the game.

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