How to install mods in Minecraft?

In our cool square world there is a great diversity of tools with which we have hours of fun. We personally love building huge houses in that game. But as time goes by we end up getting bored of the same mechanics, the same mobs and the same feel that the game has.

And as all Minecrafters know, there are many people and platforms dedicated to the creation of mods, which expand the game and change it completely. These allow from adding something simple, like more diversity of animals, plants, to having dragons.

So, stay with us. We will explain how to install mods in our favorite game. It is very simple.

What are mods?

Just so you can understand, mods are amplifications that are placed to games to improve, optimize or change them. Minecraft is a game with one of the largest lists of mods since it is created in such a way that you can modify anything externally.

These, unlike the texture packs, which only change the art that came with the game, do change things in the internal game. Can you imagine that with just one of these you can turn Minecraft into a magic game?

You can search for mods of a theme you like or another game that appeals to you, and you will see that there is someone who has recreated that for our game. There are some poorly designed ones, as anyone can make mods, but there are others that are so well suited to their theme that they are perfect.



I want my mods, what do I do?

Keep in mind that many mods require the creation of a new world, so when you go to play with mods don’t expect it to change out of anywhere your world in Minecraft Vanilla.

Before we go to the steps to install our mods, we need to look for the mods we want. In each version of Minecraft, they work differently, in some, they are searched for on the internet and in others, they are inside the same game store.

When you search the Internet, there are a variety of pages to download the incredible mods, which are not official, because as we just told you before, anyone can create mods.

But of course, if you are not convinced by these unofficial sites and you want something that is totally safe, go to the official site to download mods and totally free.


How do I install my mods in the Minecraft Java version?

installing-forge (1)

The original PC version of Minecraft is a slightly more complex process, but it is still easy. For this version, we need an add-on called “forge” that allows us to install the mods.

The forge is a totally safe add-on that allows the entry of mods to our Minecraft, since by default this does not allow it. And its installation is based on downloading a program that, just by running it and waiting a few seconds, will allow us to install the add-on in our game.

Before starting with the steps for installing mods, you have to keep in mind that when you start your game in the Minecraft launcher, you must choose the version that says “Forge”. And now, let’s go through the steps to install all the mods you want!

  1. Download and install ForgeClick here.
  2. Search and download the mod.
  3. Press Windows key + R and in the box type %appdata% (Windows 7) or Search directly in the search bar %appdata% (Windows 10).
  4. A folder called Roaming will open. In it, look for the Minecraft folder.
  5. Inside it, look for the folder named Mods.
  6. Place the .jar (mod) in that folder.
  7. Open Minecraft and see that everything works correctly.


How do I install my mods in the Android version (Pocket Edition)?

It should be noted that in this version of Minecraft there are fewer mods than in the others because it is more tedious to create. We prefer to play Minecraft on our computer.

For a completely correct installation we must:

  1. In Play Store, download an application called Blocklauncher (it is totally safe and is responsible for allowing us to introduce mods in our pocket Minecraft).
  2. After that, search for the mod and download it. We recommend the Minecraft Forum page that has its section for Pocket Edition (PE) or one more dedicated only for PE is the page called MPCE Mods.
  3. Open the downloaded application and look for a mini wrench that will take you to the options. There you must activate the option “Manage Modpe Scripts” in case it is turned off.
  4. Look for the “+” symbol and a menu will open, in which you must search your storage for the downloaded mod. And so load them into your Minecraft.
  5. Now create your world and have fun!

It should be noted that for the Bedrock (Microsoft) version of Minecraft we do not explain the process because there is a store where you can get and install immediately many mods.