How Long is 100 Days in Minecraft?

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Minecraft, a sandbox game that has captivated millions worldwide, operates on a unique time system. The game’s day-night cycle, different from our real-world time, often leaves players curious about its conversion. So, how long is 100 days in Minecraft when compared to our real-world time?

Minecraft’s time system is intriguing. Unlike our 24-hour day, a full Minecraft day lasts only 20 minutes in real-time. This swift passage of time in the game can make certain tasks challenging and others more manageable.

100 days in Minecraft equals approximately 33.3 hours in real time, or just under 1.5 real days. If you want to know why, we explain it in detail

The Day-Night Cycle

The day-night cycle in Minecraft is a continuous loop between two primary light settings: day and night. This cycle plays a crucial role in the game, affecting mob spawning, crop growth, and player activities.

Conversion: Minecraft Time to Real Time

In Minecraft, time zips by at a rate 72 times faster than our normal time. This can be deduced from the proportion 1440/20 = 72, considering there are 1440 minutes in a real day and only 20 minutes in a Minecraft day. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • 1 Minecraft day = 20 real-time minutes
  • 1 Minecraft week (7 days) = 2.3 real-time hours
  • 1 Minecraft lunar cycle (8 days) = 2.6 real-time hours

Conversion: Real Time to Minecraft Time

To put it in perspective:

  • 1 real-time second = 1 minute and 12 seconds in Minecraft
  • 1 real-time minute = 1 hour and 12 minutes in Minecraft
  • 1 real-time hour = 3 Minecraft days
  • 1 real-time day = 72 Minecraft days

Given this conversion, 100 days in Minecraft equates to approximately 33.3 real-time hours or just under 1.5 real days.

For players who’d like to control the in-game time, Minecraft offers commands like /time set and /time add. These commands allow players to set the time to specific parts of the day or add time, respectively.

The 24-Hour Minecraft Day

From sunrise to sunset and the deep night, the Minecraft day is packed with activities. Here’s a brief rundown:

  • Daytime in Minecraft: Lasting 10 minutes, this is when the sun rises to its peak, and most hostile mobs burn in the sunlight.
  • Sunset/Dusk in Minecraft: A 50-second transition between day and night. The sky turns a vibrant orange-red as the sun sets and the moon rises.
  • Nighttime in Minecraft: Lasting 8 minutes and 20 seconds, the moon dominates the sky, and hostile mobs spawn on the surface.
  • Sunrise/Dawn in Minecraft: Another 50-second transition where the moon sets, and the sun rises, marking the start of a new day.

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