How to make a farm in Minecraft, what do I need?

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November 30, 2021

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If you have been wondering how to make a farm in the fantastic square world, we will tell you how to do it. Making a country farm like the ones you see on the road when you go on a trip is a simple task and one that all Minecraft players should know.

Thanks to a farm, we can obtain crops of wheat, carrots, potatoes, among other foods, as well as different types of meat and the necessary items for crafting tools, armor, or weapons. Therefore, it is essential in this world to survive comfortably.

But it is also an option that will help us to decorate our environments in creative mode and give a rural touch to our character’s life.


A farm gives us life

Before starting with the construction of the farm, with its animals and barn, we have to get food for the inhabitants of our farm and for ourselves, because otherwise, our character will die of hunger.

farm-with-pigs-on-minecraft (1)

If we are in creative mode, the task is super simple to get the different types of food planted. With just a hoe of any material, soil, a bucket with water, and the seeds of those foods we will be able to build it in a few minutes.

In case we are in survival mode, we will have to look for things with our own effort. We must craft an iron hoe, which is the most suitable for this job, look for a water source and seeds. The best ones to start with are wheat seeds, you just have to break the grass with your fist and they will come out.

Time to build our crop

There is always some debate between whether to make a “functional” crop or a “decorative” crop. We have always liked the “decorative” ones better, as they still fulfill their function of providing food and look eye-catching, so they are perfect for our farm.

  • Make a line on the ground as long as you want. With a single bucket of depth, we fill the whole line with water until the current is static. On the sides where the grass is, use the hoe to prepare the soil, only two buckets wide and long, the whole line of water you built.
  • Wait for the prepared soil to moisten and plant the seeds. To increase their growth, you can use bone meal or have an artificial beehive near the crop, as this will attract bees and they have the ability to fertilize our crops when they carry pollen from the flowers.
  • Once the plants are fertilized, everything will have grown and can be harvested. If you harvest right away, plant the seeds again so as not to break the cycle and have plenty of food.
  • You can surround the crop with fences to protect it from possible invaders.


Animals, the essential touch

If we only dedicate ourselves to the cultivation of plants and vegetables, it will look dull and lifeless, so you have to get different animals to inhabit it. Having animals is a very decorative option for the farm and useful for the production of different meats.

In creative mode it is just a matter of spawning the animals and that’s it, but in survival mode, there are 2 ways:

  • The first is to use our crop harvest as bait for wild animals. For example, cows love wheat, which attracts them. However, this task can be a bit stressful.
  • The second way is to trap them with a rein. Once the animals are enclosed and the crops are growing, you only need the barn, which will depend on your creativity in the construction since it is only decorative.


More ideas for your farm in Minecraft

In this Youtube video, they show you how you can optimize your farm even more with methods a bit out of the ordinary.

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