Installing texture packs in Minecraft

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instalando paquetes de texturas en minecraft

If you have spent several hours playing Minecraft, it is possible that you are starting to find it a bit monotonous. We don’t mean that it is unattractive since it is precisely characterized by its simple design and there are many players who are very fond of it for that reason.

As you may already know, Minecraft is such a flexible game that even the players themselves can make modifications to the graphics so that it literally looks like another game, without losing the beloved “square” essence.

These modifications are known as texture packs and if you are one of those builders who are bored of the game’s appearance and don’t know how to install them, stay with us. We will show you how to do it.

Are texture packs safe?

textura pack for minecraft

The first time we knew about the existence of these texture packs we wondered if they could damage the world you had created, or perhaps, they would put a virus to our computer.

Although it is true that on the Internet we have to be careful with what we download from strange sources, with texture packs we do not have to fear for any kind of virus and there are many web pages from where you can download them without any problem.

It is important to clarify that a texture pack is not the same as a mod, unlike a mod, a texture pack only changes the textures of the game, and some very well elaborated ones change the sounds. The only thing you should be concerned about is having fun and exploring all the new shapes and colors that the various cubes in our world have.

Now that you know that your computer is not going to explode, let’s go through the steps to follow to install the new texture pack.

But first, it should be noted that the extensive steps for installing them only apply to the Minecraft Java edition. But for the Bedrock Edition (Microsoft version) or Pocket Edition (mobile version), texture packs can be purchased from within the game.

How do I install my texture pack in Minecraft Java?

Minecraft Java is known to us as the classic that came out in 2009 and was created by Notch, and it uses a program called Java, which is the one that allows it to work. To get it, you must follow some very easy steps, so read carefully:

  1. We have to download our texture pack from some known page. Also, the texture pack must be according to your version of Minecraft.
  2. After having downloaded the file, we will type “Windows” + “R” (in case we are in Windows 7-8). This command will open a search bar. If it is in Windows 10, we only have to hit the search bar that appears by default in the taskbar.
  3. In it we will place “%appdata%” and we will give “Enter”, this will open the file explorer and there will be some folders.
  4. Among them we will open the one that says “Minecraft” and we will look for inside this folder, another folder called “resourcepacks”.
  5. Once located this folder, we will go to the download folder and copy the texture pack, which we will paste inside the “resourcepacks” folder.
  6. Then we close everything and run Minecraft. We will go to “Options” and “Resource Packs”, there we will see our beloved pack that we only have to select, wait a little bit and we will have it installed.
  7. In case it does not appear, unzip the file where the texture pack came.

Following all these steps you will have the Minecraft texture pack installed. Remember to explore the whole world because there is an infinite number of packs, which can have the themes of your favorite childhood games, which will give you that nostalgic touch that we are looking for.

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