How to play Minecraft with a friend?

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November 30, 2021

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jugar a minecraft con un amigo

The options for playing Minecraft with a friend are several. For example, you can choose between setting up a LAN network, play Minecraft Realm, or opting for the creation of a private Minecraft server. It’s all a matter of choosing the one you find most convenient.

To find out which of these options you can take the best advantage of, below we explain each of the alternatives.

Create a LAN world and enjoy Minecraft with your friends.

In Minecraft you can connect with your friends through LAN (Local Area Network). For example, through a wifi connection, at a friend’s house, a LAN world is created to which you can link via electronic devices. Access to outsiders is possible within the local network.

LAN world

To start, you must open Minecraft. Then choose the single player world to join. Then proceed to open the game menu by pressing the Escape key. Next, the Open LAN option is the one to click on and then click on the Start LAN World button.

To join the LAN world you must click on the Multiplayer tab. Then, at the bottom of the list you can see: Search for games on your local network, there you can find the world you want in a list called LAN World.

This list contains the username of your friends, as well as the name of the world below. You must then click twice to connect or you can select it and click on the Join Server button.


The Minecraft Java edition server

minecraft java edition

To get this server you need to pay a monthly fee according to the pack you choose. However, you can enjoy a 30-day free trial. Once you have decided on the plan that suits you, you must enter the official Minecraft Realms for Java Edition page.

Next, click on get Realms for Java. In the options display, you must choose the plan, according to your needs, for your server. Up to 4 options are shown, each one with its specific payment conditions.

At the end, the page redirects you to the user menu on the Mojang/Minecraft site and from there to Realms, where you can see your status as a subscriber and everything you need to do to make the payments.

Next, you must open the Minecraft: Java Edition game. From the main menu choose Minecraft Realms and make the configuration settings for your server. There are several options offered, from protecting the spawn, enabling or disabling the PVP, choosing whether monsters or animals appear, blocking the command console, and so on.

After all this, you are ready to play with whoever you want.

Disadvantage of Realm

It should be noted that Realms does not allow the use of mods/plugins. It also doesn’t offer the benefits that come with server hosting such as 24-hour ongoing support, one-click modpack, and game type installations.

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