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December 29, 2021

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For many players, getting diamonds is one of the most difficult objectives to achieve if they do not want to spend money in the game, but within the game, there are a number of methods that will allow you to get diamonds in My cafe in large quantities if you are consistent. We show you the ways there are to get this precious object.

How to earn diamonds in My Café?

Currently, the methods are very different and we have put the 7 easiest to complete or that are more present within the game. We have already used them all and they work perfectly.

#1 – Watching ads

As in most games of the style, watching advertisements will give you that extra diamond you need. There will be times when these advertisements are a bit longer or shorter; it will all depend on how lucky you are. This can be done daily and is one of the best ways to get diamonds without spending anything on my coffee. The secret is to be constant and access the game every day to see these ads. The daily average of ads is 10, if each one gives you 1 diamond, you can get up to 300 per month!

watching commercial my cafe

#2 – Perform Achievements or achievements

As you may have already noticed, completing achievements will allow you to get diamonds for free. We recommend that you focus on one in particular and go all out for the goal. Doing the combination of watching the advertising and going for these achievements every day will allow you to reach your goal in diamonds faster. For example, there is the one to get Ann to level 10 which is very difficult and you will need much more time than with others.

#3 – With customers

Many customers give you rewards in the form of spices or gifts of different kinds but they also end up giving gifts in the form of diamonds. It is best that you always interact and talk with your customers because any unexpected day will give you a large number of diamonds by performing certain actions.

#4 – Koffsky

koffsky my cafe

Koffsky is undoubtedly the client with the most potential when it comes to getting diamonds.  In this case, Koffsky will ask you for diamonds at levels 14 and 18, but don’t worry, give them to him because when you level up he will give them back to you! He will give you back the diamonds + an extra 150 diamonds. Besides Koffsky is very generous if you perform everything he asks.

#5 – Holidays and special dates

On special dates like Easter Day, Christmas, Halloween, valentine’s day, customers give away diamonds on these dates. take advantage of talking to all your customers because you never know where you will find more diamonds!

#6 – Festivals

Festivals are another source of obtaining diamonds that you will generally find each month. The more trophies you win, the more diamonds as a reward you get; if you play a lot of My Café, this is another very interesting source of diamonds.

#7 – From gifts

Within the game, you will have the possibility to open the gifts that your customers give you and each type of gift gives different rewards, among them diamonds. Although gifts are not the best way to get diamonds because the probability of getting a diamond is very low.

Still, these are the diamond rewards they give:

  • Pink: between 5 and 100 diamonds
  • Blue: between 25 and 500 diamonds
  • Gold: between 50 and 1000 diamonds

#8 – Invite your friends to play My cafe

If you invite your friends to download My cafe you can get the diamonds. You have to send them the link they give you when you click on invite. Once they have downloaded the game and up to 3 people have downloaded it (they can be your family members), you will get 500 diamonds as a reward.

invite your friend

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