How to get Rubies in My Café: Recipes & Stories?

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December 29, 2021

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mi cafe recetas y historias rubis

If you want to advance much faster in the game and have some upgrades, you will need to get a few rubies. This new premium currency added to My Café Recipes & Stories is actually very difficult to obtain, but in this guide, we will try to give you some hope so you can see that it is not as hard as it is painted.

What are the Rubies for in My cafe?

Thanks to the Rubies we will be able to buy decorations for the exterior of our business, it will also allow us to buy and improve some structures of the city and we can also improve our machinery to be able to make orders much faster. It will also allow us to buy spaces to have more spaces for spices.

How to get the Ruby in My coffee recipes?

To be able to access the Rubies we will have to be level 8 minimum. These are the ways to get it:

  • Style machines: When ordering manually you can get more rubies. It also serves you to be able to get the cashier and have more chances to get more gemstones. This is the BEST way to get Ruby without spending a lot of money.
  • Telephone orders: When you accept an order placed by phone you will be given a few rubies.
  • Cash register: In the village you can exchange dollars for rubies, however, the duration between exchanges is 23 hours, so in a whole day you will not be able to exchange more dollars.
  • At the Festival: Thanks to the Festival events, you will have access to earn Rubies if you complete the quests correctly.

Ruby Box

The Rubies box allows you to store rubies but it has a limitation and can only be expanded using Diamonds, we recommend that you use the 25 Diamonds to expand to 3,000 Rubies.

  • 25 Diamonds will give us a capacity of 3,000 Rubies
  • 285 Diamonds will give us a capacity of 25,000 Rubies
  • 450 Diamonds will give us a capacity of 100,000 Rubies
  • 950 Diamonds will give us a capacity of 250,000 Rubies

That you don’t know how to get more diamonds? Here we have an article where we explain to you how to get diamonds in My Café.

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