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Hello, Pokémon Trainer! We present you with this detailed guide to Pokémon types in Pokémon GO, designed to help you understand the weaknesses, resistances, and attack effectiveness of each Pokémon type. Make sure to familiarize yourself with this table to gain an advantage in battles and become a Pokémon Master. Let’s go!

Pokémon GO Types Table:

Below you will find the details of each Pokémon type, including how effective they are against other types and which types they are effective against. Here you will find the weaknesses and resistances of each Pokémon type.

  • Resistant against: the Pokémon receives 0.625x damage from the enemy, or 0.39x if it is highly resistant.
  • Super effective against: the Pokémon deals 1.6x damage to the enemy.
  • Not very effective against: the Pokémon deals 0.625x damage to the enemy, or 0.391x if the enemy is highly resistant.
Remember: In Pokémon GO, unlike the main series games, there are no immunities.

Here’s a summary of each Pokémon type:

  1. Steel: Weak against Fire, Fighting, and Ground; resistant to many types, especially Poison; effective against Fairy, Ice, and Rock.
  2. Water: Weak against Electric and Grass; resistant to various types like Steel and Ice; effective against Fire, Rock, and Ground.
  3. Bug: Weak against Fire, Flying, and Rock; resistant to Fighting, Grass, and Ground; effective against Dark, Grass, and Psychic.

(The same format applies to all other types: Dragon, Electric, Ghost, Fire, Fairy, Ice, Fighting, Normal, Grass, Psychic, Rock, Dark, Ground, Poison, Flying).

Weaknesses of Each Pokémon Type in Pokémon GO

Below, you’ll find a quick summary of the weaknesses of each Pokémon type in Pokémon GO. Ideal for quick reference!

Pokémon Type Weaknesses Resistances Super Effective Against Not Very Effective Against
Steel Fire, Fighting, Ground Normal, Flying, Rock, Bug, Steel, Grass, Ice, Dragon, Fairy Ice, Rock, Fairy Fire, Water, Electric, Steel
Water Electric, Grass Fire, Water, Ice, Steel Fire, Ground, Rock Water, Grass, Dragon
Bug Fire, Flying, Rock Fighting, Grass, Ground, Bug, Fairy Grass, Psychic, Dark Fire, Fighting, Poison, Flying, Ghost, Steel, Fairy
Dragon Dragon, Ice, Fairy Fire, Water, Electric, Grass Dragon Steel, Fairy
Electric</td > Ground Electric, Flying, Steel Water, Flying Electric, Grass, Dragon
Ghost Ghost, Dark Poison, Bug Psychic, Ghost Dark
Fire Water, Rock, Ground Fire, Grass, Ice, Bug, Steel, Fairy Grass, Ice, Bug, Steel Fire, Water, Rock, Dragon
Fairy Steel, Poison Fighting, Bug, Dark, Dragon Fighting, Dragon, Dark Fire, Poison, Steel
Ice Fire, Fighting, Rock, Steel Ice Grass, Ground, Flying, Dragon Fire, Water, Ice, Steel
Fighting Flying, Psychic, Fairy Rock, Bug, Dark Normal, Ice, Rock, Dark, Steel Poison, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Fairy
Normal Fighting Ghost N/A Rock, Steel
Grass Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, Bug Water, Electric, Grass, Ground Water, Ground, Rock Fire, Grass, Poison, Flying, Bug, Dragon, Steel
Psychic Bug, Ghost, Dark Fighting, Psychic Fighting, Poison Psychic, Steel
Rock Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground, Steel Normal, Fire, Poison, Flying Fire, Ice, Flying, Bug Fighting, Ground, Steel
Dark Fighting, Bug, Fairy Ghost, Dark Psychic, Ghost Fighting, Dark, Fairy
Ground Water, Grass, Ice Electric, Poison, Rock Fire, Electric, Poison, Rock, Steel Grass, Bug
Poison Ground, Psychic Fighting, Poison, Bug, Fairy Grass, Fairy Poison, Ground, Rock, Ghost
Flying Electric, Ice, Rock Fighting, Bug, Grass Grass, Fighting, Bug Electric, Rock, Steel

Special Note: Grass and Rock have five weaknesses each, while Normal and Electric only have one.

Pokémon with Dual Types

Pokémon that have two types can have combined resistances and weaknesses, which can result in neutral or even enhanced multipliers. For example, Bulbasaur, which is a Grass and Poison type, has a double resistance to the Grass type. These details can make a difference in your battles!

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