Anime lifting simulator Roblox codes – (Enero 2023)

Post updated: December 30, 2022

Fans of Japanese anime have in the game Anime Lifting Simulator the possibility to become their favorite warrior and train him to be the most powerful in the world. With these codes, you can get yen and powers that will help you defeat your opponents.

In this village where the Goku statue is located in the center, you can train, exchange pets, and complete quests to earn yen.

By following the game server on Discord, you can chat with other players, learn about new game updates and earn special season codes.

New Anime Lifting Simulator codes

These codes are available, which you can exchange for various rewards:

  • ATLANTIS  – Free rewards.
  • SWAMP – Free Yen
  • CANDY – Free Yen
  • ABYSS– Free rewards.
  • THXGUYS – 1 Ultra Lucky Boost.
  • WASTELAND – Free rewards.
  • DEMONIUM – 1 2x strength increase.
  • 2XSTRENGTH – 1 2x strength increase.
  • 1M – 250 yen.
  • BRILL – 250 yen.
  • BRILLIANT – Lucky Boost.
  • Lucky Boost – Lucky Boost.
  • 2XYEN – 2x Yen.
  • FLYEN – Lucky Boost.
  • FLYES – 350 Yen.
  • Scotty – 350 Yen.

To date, there are no expired codes.

It is preferable to copy and paste the codes to avoid typing errors, including upper or lower case. For more codes and updates on the latest game news, follow the Twitter account of @PiperRblx and @FlyesRblx.

Keep an eye out for code releases, a new one will be posted soon for every25K Likes. So, share it with your friends.

How to redeem codes in Anime Lifting Simulator

You must follow these steps in Roblox game to change the codes in the list.

  1. Open Anime Lifting Simulator Roblox on the PC or on the phone.
  2. Click on the Twitter icon on the side of the screen.
  3. Copy the code from the list.
  4. Paste the code into the text box.
  5. Press the accept reward button.

In its latest (third) update in March 2022, these new features have been added.

  • New update for Abyss.
  • Automatic pet removal.
  • Gamepass hiding.

Anime Lifting Simulator was released in December 2011 by Studio Cubed, becoming one of the most popular fighting titles of the season with over 3.9M + views and 20,573 favorites.

In this anime universe, you can also have the mascots of your favorite Japanese shows as combat partners. As well as test the powers of your heroes, such as Goku’s Kame Hame Ha or Naruto’s Taijutsu.

The dynamics of the game in Roblox are simple. You have to lift heavy objects such as stones and statues to train your muscles and strengthen them on the streets where you can find explosions and characters from the most popular anime shows.

What are you waiting for to crush your opponents and add yen and pets to your collection?