Top 7 Arcade Games on Roblox

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November 22, 2021

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With Roblox, we have all learned to design our own video games, maps, environments, and costumes in our favorite worlds, including the arcade ones. We have revived classics like Super Mario and those created from 80s TV shows like Dragon Ball.

On the platform interface, we have 40 million free or paid games. These are classified into different categories If you are interested in arcade titles, we present the most popular ones.

Best arcade games on Roblox

So that you don’t spend too much time searching through the thousands of possible alternatives, we have prepared a list of the best arcade games on Roblox for you.

Marble Maniamarble mania

Created in January 2021, Marble Mania has become one of the most popular games thanks to the variety of its amusement park obstacles. In this game, we become a marble to jump on mazes, slides, and trampolines, full of vertigo.

Designed by @louiejyke, in this world, we can unlock items and fun special effects. It has more than 35.4K views and has been updated last April.

Play Marble Mania here.

The Floor is Lavathe floor is lava

Created by @TheLegendOfPyro in 2017, The Floor is Lava imitates one of our favorite children’s games. Here we must jump between the furniture in the house to avoid falling into the fiery liquid, which grows in a race against time. You can download it for free.

With over 1.1B views, in this survival adventure, we have to overcome platforms, create maps, accumulate points to unlock gears and, of course, run away from the magma of the volcano.

Play the floor is lava here.

The Real Easy Inflatable Parkour Obby

The Real Easy Inflatable Parkour Obby

The company Amazin HD invites us to jump on this mind-blowing playground with ladders, climbing bars, inflatable structures, and fun and colorful slides. The goal is to reach the top and jump into the ball pool.

The Real Easy Inflatable Parkour Obby is from 2020 and has a simple goal: get all the stars to earn a free badge. In just one year, it has become one of the most popular titles with over 214.2K views.

Play The Real Easy Inflatable Parkou Obby here.

Dragon Ball Z Final Standdragon ball z final stand

User @SnakeWorl has designed his own version of the epic battles from Akira Toriyama’s series in the Dragon Ball Z Final Stand fighting game. Here we can customize our own Dragon Ball-style avatars to punch, fly and throw the Kamehameha.

In the title description on Roblox, the administrator warns us that no future updates or fixes are expected. It was created in 2016 and records more than 409.4M visits.

Play now Dragon Ball Z Final Stand here.

Tower of Helltower of hell roblox

The goal is simple: to reach the peak of the Tower of Hell. To do this, we need concentration and cunning to overcome the most complicated tests on its narrow platforms. We must overcome them against the clock because the obstacles are renewed every few minutes.

The owners of Vip servers can take advantage of configuring the menu to unlock purchases, change the size of the tower and skip rounds.

This adventure title released in 2018 by YXCeptional Studios, has over 14.7B views and was recently updated in June 2021.

Play Tower of Hell now, here.

Parkourparkour roblox

As the name suggests, this world created by @hudzell simulates the extreme sport parkour practiced in major cities around the world. This title released in 2016 reveals scenarios, streets, buildings, in which we must develop our psychomotor skills to unlock more spaces of the expandable city.

The dynamics are simple: we explore the metropolis, level up, obtain new equipment while perfecting our skills. With over 184.2M views recorded, the game has been updated in June 2021.

Play Parkour now, here.

Sorcerer Fighting Simulator

sorcerer fighting simulator

The companyGameBozz takes us to the Sorcerer Fighting Simulator Magic Academy. Here we can train in the occult arts of sorcery to fight in events and missions around the world.

Created in 2020 with 44.5M + registered visits, this community invites us to fight to be the most powerful wizard.

Its latest update in October 2021 includes 28 new quests, 24 powers, 2 ranks, and a new training area for all mages. As well as increased multiple and universal limits.

Play Sorcerer Fighting Simulator now, here.

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