Attack on Titan Vengeance Codes – Roblox (January 2023)

Post updated: December 31, 2022

Attack on Titan Vengeance is a Roblox game set in the universe of the famous anime Attack on Titan. Following the storyline of this fantastic series, you’ll have to help mankind in its fight against enormous titans of all sorts that seek to destroy those people who take refuge behind the walls.

In the game, you’ll be able to have diverse tools and weapons with which to confront these colossal creatures, such as the three-dimensional maneuvering equipment and swords, with which you’ll be able to move all over the map and eliminate the titans that get in your way. Are you ready to fight together with the reconnaissance squadron? Will you be the last hope of mankind? Find out in Attack on Titan Vengeance.

AoT: Vengeance active codes

  • 28000Likes!: Canjea este código por 10.000 monedas
  • XBOX! – You will get 2.500 gold, Rolls, and a Loot box (New!)
  • 25000Likes! – You will get 2.500 gold, Rolls, and a Loot box
  • 22000Likes! – You will get 2.500 gold, Rolls, and a Loot box
  • SubToKakFight – You will get 1 Loot box
  • Missions? – You will get 2 Loot boxes
  • 1800Likes! – You will get 2.5k gold and Loot Boxes.
  • 1600Likes! – You will get 2.5k gold, Bloodline Rolls, and Loot Boxes.
  • 1400Likes! – You will get 2.5k gold, Bloodline Rolls, and Loot Boxes.
  • 1200Likes! – You’ll get 2.5k gold, Bloodline Rolls, and Loot Boxes.
  • ProGamer – You will get 1 Loot Box.
  • LenaSupremacy – You’ll get 2.5k gold and 2 Loot Boxes.
  • Kiroesmalo – You will get 1 Loot Box.
  • SinIsPro – You will get 1 Loot Box.
  • ShinoaSupremacy – You will get 2 Loot Boxes.
  • BLOOD LINES– You will get rewards (It is not yet known what the reward is, the developer has not specified).

Expired AoT: Vengeance codes

At the moment, these are the codes that no longer work:

  • 500 PLAYERS – Granted an unspecified reward by the developer. It is not known what it was.
  • 10000Likes – Awarded 5k gold and 3 Loot Boxes.
  • 7500Likes – Awarded 5k gold and 1 Bloodline Roll.
  • 9000Likes – Awarded 5k gold and 2 Loot Boxes.

How to redeem codes in Attack on Titan Vengeance

Redeeming AoT Vengeance codes is simple. Just follow these steps:

  • Start the game and log in to one of the available maps.
  • Click on “inventory” (on the right side of the screen)
  • Copy one of the codes and paste it into the code box.
  • Click “Confirm“.

After completing these steps you will be able to enjoy the rewards granted by each code. Let the fight against the titans for the future of humanity never stop – give your hearts!

Updated Attack on Titan Vengeance code list

We can all use a little help from time to time, so we bring for you a list of codes that you can redeem for different items and take advantage of them to be able to advance quickly. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started the game, or if you’ve been playing for a while.

But you must be careful, we recommend you redeem them as soon as possible to prevent them from expiring and leaving you empty-handed. These are the codes that are active at least during the month of March; remember to write them exactly as they appear in the list, otherwise, they may not work. Don’t forget to notify us if any of the codes we have as active have expired, we will remove them as soon as possible.