roblox juegos de niñas

There are many options available in Roblox to have fun like never before. There are games for all tastes: action, adventure, strategy, and others. But one of the most requested are the games for girls.

If you are looking for the best options for girls in Roblox, here you will find some recommendations that stand out for being very entertaining and popular.

Adopt and Raise

adopt and rise

It has become one of the great favorites of little girls all over the world. It is a fun game in which you can adopt a baby and give it all the care it needs to grow up. You have the option of being the baby to be adopted, a boy or a mother, you choose.

But if you don’t want to adopt, no problem. Buying a house and starting a family is a lot of fun with Adopt and Raise. It is also possible to go around the city with your character, go out with friends and do all kinds of interesting activities.

Fashion Famous 

Fashion Famous

If you are a fashion lover, Fashion Famous is for you. You have to choose your character’s wardrobe and hairstyle, and for that, you have a limited period of time. You have different combinations, accessories, and clothes available, so you have to create something that will impress everyone since you will be judged by a jury.

Then, you have to get ready for the show, in which you will also judge the look of other players. In the end, you will know the results. The person who gets the best score from the judges will be the winner. Undoubtedly, Fashion Famous is an incredible game with which you’ll have hours of fun.



In MeepCity you have a whole world of possibilities to discover. With your character, you can go around the city, go to different parties, buy multiple items and interact with millions of players. Build an impressive house and decorate it to your liking. Then adopt a baby, a pet, and create your perfect family.

The entertaining thing about MeepCity is that it lets you do all sorts of things, so you will hardly get bored. That is the reason why it is one of the most popular video games on platforms such as Roblox.

Royale High

Royale High

Create a whole fantasy world with Royale HighThere are many things to do in this exciting videogame, so dare to explore every corner. Something interesting is that you have a teleportation center with which you can quickly get wherever you want.

Challenge your skills and level up with the different Royale High games. When you win, you get Diamonds, the currency that allows you to buy different items in the store. Don’t forget that the scenario in which the story is set is a school and one of the most effective ways to level up is by attending classes.

If your grades are high, you will get great rewards. It may be a bit difficult to balance your social life and your school responsibilities, but that’s the fun of this video game. Dress your character as you wish and choose magnificent outfits to impress everyone around you.

Roleplay is Magic

Roleplay is Magic

This is a role-playing video game based on the world of My Little Pony. Choose from all the pony characters listed or create your own, a much more fun option, as you can select hundreds of accessories.

Explore the magical scenery and make friends with other players. In Roleplay is Magic it is not only possible to be a cute and cuddly pony, but you can also be part of the villains’ group.

As you can see, there are many alternatives for girls available in Roblox. If none of the options on the list fits what you want, why not create a whole new game? That is one of the wonders of this platform.

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