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Undoubtedly, Roblox is a platform that has achieved great popularity in recent years and currently has more than 100 million active users every month. And it is that the possibility of creating your own virtual worlds is attractive; a challenge for the imagination and creativity.

Whether it’s adventure, action, horror, or comedy, on this platform you will find options for all tastes and ages. But you may be wondering what are the best alternatives for this new year. So, here we offer you a list that will prove useful.

Top 7 of the best Roblox games

Among so many alternatives available it can sometimes be difficult to choose that game that suits your tastes and skills. In this top 7 you can find very good options:

#1 – SharkBite

sharkbite roblox

This one is really entertaining and it will surely make you enjoy it to the fullest. Basically, players must hunt a shark, but it is not as simple as it seems. One of the users will be the shark, who will try to attack the other players. In the meantime, the other players must either survive or kill the animal.

The fun part is that they can choose between different ships and weapons to kill the shark. These weapons are acquired by exchanging them for “Shark Teeth”, a kind of virtual currency that is obtained by successfully completing each game, eliminating users with the shark, or finding a treasure chest.

#2 – Phantom Forces

phantom forces juego de roblox

For action lovers, this will be your favorite game on Roblox. It is a shooter, similar to Battlefield. The interesting thing is that the weapons are inspired by real-life ones, so you will feel like you are in a real battle. One of the features that make Phantom Forces so attractive is the movement abilities, which are unique.

Besides, it has other mechanisms that are not very common in Roblox, such as the player’s speed and the bullet drop. In summary, this is one of the best options on the list due to its realism and the excellent experience it offers the user.

#3 – Flee the Facility 

flee the facility roblox

If you’re looking for a less scary version of Dead by Daylight, Flee the Facility is the right choice. It’s an entertaining and intriguing game that has been getting a lot of buzzes lately.

One of the players will play a serial killer who has to kill four characters. A fun aspect is that the survivors will have to learn to work as a team to open the door of the house, which will allow them to flee from the killer and win.

In case the killer catches one of the players, he will place him in a kind of tank that freezes the victims. The other characters will have a period of time to rescue their partner, otherwise they will die. If the assassin manages to catch all the participants, he will be the winner.

#4 – Work at a Pizza Place

work at pizza palace

Who among you has dreamed of having his own restaurant? With this game it is possible. The player, together with a team, will perform different tasks to make the pizzeria a success.

Not only will a cook be needed to prepare the pizzas, which is already stressful, but a waiter, cashier, pizza boxer, manager, supplier, and the delivery person will also be required, which means that the user must be able to coordinate all these activities.

It is quite a challenge. Thanks to their work, players will receive money that they can then exchange for upgrades for their homes or to order new items.

Work at a Pizza Place is one of the big favorites on the platform, so you have to give it a try.

#5 – Hide and Seek Extreme

Hide and seek extreme

If what you want is to enjoy a game that is simple, entertaining, and reminds you of your childhood, you will love Hide and Seek Extreme.

A user will be chosen to search and find the other characters, thirteen in total. The fun part is that each character has a unique ability to catch the other users.

It is a refreshing option for those looking for a classic turned into a video game. The scenarios are very varied, and participants will be able to communicate with each other throughout the game.

Something interesting is that the characters are very small compared to the scenery, which gives them more options to hide.

#6 – Pokemon Brick Bronze

And this list could not miss one of the great favorites of all time: Pokémon.

If you have played other versions of this video game, you will like Pokémon Brick Bronze much more. It offers users the possibility to choose from a huge variety of characters before starting each adventure.

It should be clarified that Pokemon Brick Bronze has not yet been completed, so it only has seven gyms. But this doesn’t represent any problem, since there is a lot to do in this incredible version of Roblox.

Undoubtedly, when it is finished, it will be one of the best alternatives on the platform.

#7 – Jailbreak

roblox jailbreak

In previous years, Jailbreak was one of the most popular, and it seems that this year it will continue to top the lists of favorites. It is an action video game in which players will have two options: be a cop or a prisoner. If you choose the cop option, you will have to enforce the law and catch all the criminals.

And if you decide to be a prisoner, you will first have to escape from jail, get civilian clothes, drive and rob some stores, all while avoiding being caught by the officers.

For those who enjoy team games, this is the one. You can spend hours of fun together with your friends while making plans to get out of prison or trying to catch criminals.

These are just some of the options available in Roblox, but there are still many alternatives to explore on the platform.

For example, other video games that stand out are Natural Disaster Survival, Welcome to Roxblurg, Murder Mystery 2, Attack on Titan, and Epic Mini-Games.

Dare to explore and try new games. Some of them may surprise you and become your great favorites.

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