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November 20, 2021

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Among the virtual game platforms that have been maintained over time and are gaining more and more users, is Roblox. Thanks to the variety of free video games that are available to us, this platform has had a great reception, especially among children and young people.

Due to the great diversity of games, it can be difficult to select the one we like the most since Roblox allows us not only to enjoy the existing games but also gives us the opportunity to create our own stories. In the simulation area, there are several not to be missed.

Social simulation

vans world

Social simulation games allow us to recreate various real-life situations in a virtual environment.


In Roblox, there are many options available in this simulation category, but among the most popular is MeepCity. This is a game that offers the possibility of creating a totally personalized avatar, adopting a pet and feeding it, playing with friends, and even buying a house to decorate it as you like.


A similar option, but with a little more realism, is RoVille. This game takes us to a virtual city where we must work to earn our own money and gain access to various privileges. Also, we must sleep, eat and take care of personal hygiene to keep the avatar happy.

Vans World

On the other hand, Vans World will be the ideal game for skateboarding lovers. The famous clothing brand Vans has created this game especially for Roblox, an exclusive virtual world to skate in the best skate parks and learn various tricks, as well as to dress the avatar with clothes and sneakers of the brand.

Business management simulation

For those gamers who prefer to imagine a bright future in business management or entrepreneurship, in Roblox, there are business simulation games. These bring us closer to this world and in which we will advance at the end of our earnings.

online business simulator

Online Business Simulator 2

Online Business Simulator 2 is a game that simulates the process of setting up a company. Here you choose the employees, the office facilities and the necessary computer equipment to ensure the success of the project. You can also choose how to invest your profits and thus improve your business.

Theme Park Tycoon 2

theme park tycoon

Another interesting game in this category is Theme Park Tycoon 2, which focuses on amusement park management. As we advance through the game levels, we can upgrade our park with roller coasters, carousels and other fun attractions that will increase the flow of customers.

Farming and Friends

Animal and nature lovers can’t miss Farming and Friends. This is a farm simulation game to earn profits from farming.

Flight simulator

flight simulator roblox

Flight Simulator

Gamers and airplane lovers will find excellent simulation games in Roblox, with which they will feel the thrill of taking to the skies. Among them, Flight Simulator stands out, an ideal game to be in control of the plane you like best since there are a total of 13 different models at your disposal.

In this video game, our mission will be to take the passengers to safety and land at different destinations around the world. For this, airports and places are known worldwide are recreated. However, some of the representations are freestyle and not as accurate as you might expect.

Plane Crazy

Another recommended flying game with thousands of players is Plane Crazy. One of its main attractions is that it allows us to design our own planes, drones, or rockets. When the model is ready, we can fly it and compete with other players.

Battle Royale Simulator

battle royale simulator

For fans of games like Fortnite, Roblox has its own Battle Royale simulation to enjoy the experience offered by this genre. You will be able to jump out of a plane and fight for survival to be last standing, win the game and get the right to the loot.

Roblox Battle Royale Simulator is a mini-game that has the basic features of this genre. Here we have the task of collecting different materials and clothing throughout the game, as well as getting the best weapon to win the battle.

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