Roblox Boom simulator codes – April 2023

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boom simulator codes

It is a highly requested video game on the Roblox platform. In this blog, you will find the new and active codes you need to advance in Boom Simulator. With them, you get, in addition, free money to unlock more explosive power.

Boom Simulator active codes

We bring you the most updated list of operation codes that you can redeem for Boosts, for Cash or for pets.

  • 35KLikes – Redeemable for a reward (NEW)
  • 30KLikes – Redeemable for a reward
  • 25KLikes – Redeemable for a reward
  • Sonic – Redeemable for a Free Pet
  • 25KLikes – Redeemable for a reward
  • 17.5KLikes – Redeemable for a Pet
  • 15KPet – Redeemable for a Pet
  • 12.5KLikes – Redeemable for a rewards
  • 10KLikes – Redeemable for a Rare Item
  • 8KLikes – Redeemable for a some Cash
  • 7KLikes: It is redeemable for 70k
  • 6KLikes: It is redeemable for cash.
  • 6KPet: It is redeemable for an exclusive pet.
  • CodeTV: Redeemable for an exclusive pet.
  • 5KLikes: Redeem it to get 50k in Cash.
  • Candy: Redeemable for a Boost.
  • Candy: Redeemable for a Boost.
  • 1MVisits: Redeemable for one Impulse.
  • Candy: Redeemable for one Impulse.
  • 4KLikes: Redeemable for 40k Cash.
  • 4KLikes: Redeemable for 40k Cash.
  • 3.5KPet: It’s redeemable for a pet.
  • 3KLikes: Redeem code for 30k Cash.
  • Packs: It is redeemable for a code to get a free Impulse.
  • 2KLikes: Code redeemable for 5k Cash.
  • freepet: Redeemable for a free pet.
  • Freepet: Redeemable for a free pet.
  • Update7: Redeem the code to get free Boosts.
  • Update7: Redeem the code to get free Boosts.
  • 100KVisits: Redemption code to get free boosts.
  • 1KLikes: Redeem for free Cash.
  • Cash: Redeem for free Cash.
  • Update3: Redeemable for free Boosts.
  • Update3: Redeemable for free Boosts.
  • 500Likes: Redeemable code for 5k Cash.
  • 250Likes: Redeemable for 2.5k Cash.
  • Cash: Redeemable for 2.5k Cash.
  • Upgrade2: It is a redemption code for free boosts.
  • Update1: Redeem the code to get free Boosts.
  • 100Likes: Redeem code for free Money.
  • Release: You can redeem it for 1k Cash.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been playing Boom Simulator for a long time, these codes can give you a major boost. We recommend you use them as soon as possible, as they expire after a certain period of time.

Expired Boom Simulator codes

So far, there are no expired codes for Roblox Boom Simulator. However, we invite you to periodically visit our blog, as we publish all the ones that have stopped working. So you don’t waste time trying to get rewards from codes that are no longer valid.

How to redeem codes?

It is easy to redeem codes for free rewards in Boom Simulator. Just follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the main page of the game
  • Click the Twitter bird icon on the right side of the screen
  • Copy the code in the “Enter the code here” box.
  • Then click on the “Redeem” button to claim your reward.

It is important to place the codes as they appear in our post, otherwise, they will not work. If you enter them yourself, be very careful, because the codes are case sensitive or if they detect a typo. However, if you have checked them several times and they don’t work, let us know in the blog comments, so we can correct it.

How does Boom Simulator work?

The main character seeks to obtain powerful explosives in order to explode items that provide him with Boosts and Cash. This will allow you to upgrade your bombs and obtain new pets.

You can also use the different coins to optimize your explosions or to get new pets. This makes it easier to have additional multipliers, with which you can earn even more money. Also, as you progress, it is possible to unlock new worlds that open up better pets and new elements to detonate.

Our codes for Boom Simulator can help you reach the top of the leaderboards in this game!

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