Cat simulator Roblox codes – April 2023

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cat simulator codes

Cats have flooded Roblox because they are adorable and want to scratch everything in their path. To advance in Cat Simulator, its developers have published new codes to exchange them for free fish coins and boots.

Here is the list of current and expired codes so far this year, March 2022. These will help you get powerful claws, care for more pets and unlock other worlds for your feline.

Cat simulator updated codes

To earn gems and coins to help you advance in Cat Simulator you can redeem these codes.

  • 1 million: 5,000 fish coins.
  • Gems: 5,000 fish coins.
  • CoinStarter: 1,000 fish coins.
  • 2xfishy: 10 minutes of 2x fishy coins.
  • GemHelper: get a boost.

We recommend you order them as soon as possible before they expire. It is worth noting that no expired codes have been reported yet. To get more codes and learn about updates and events of the cat game, follow its developers on Twitter: @Frinigus and @Tigercaptain.

You can also enter the official Discord server to receive news and chat with other users.

In this fun feline world, you become a cat to capture the flags on the map while encountering balls of yarn and can scratch everything around you. Its latest update (February 2022) 1.1.4 includes the following improvements.

  • 40 new pets
  • Possibility to have 3 game passes
  • Inclusion of other sound effects
  • Gem price discount
  • Correction of bugs
  • More music
  • New game passes
  • New pet inventory game passes

By following the official accounts of Sharkbyte Studios, you can also receive these rewards.

  • Fan chat tags
  • Fan title
  • Receiving 20% more in coins

In the game’s dynamics, by defending yourself from other cats with scratches, you can receive coins. As you advance in level, you get a better score in the online community’s Cat Simulator ranking system. In Cat Simulator you can spend hours having fun.

  • Improve your claw to scratch and earn more coins
  • Buy and sell balls from your backpack
  • Become the Cat King by earning more gems
  • Defend against other cats entering the cat world
  • Collect pets

How to redeem Cat Simulator codes

To exchange codes for fish coins and gems you must follow these instructions.

  1. Open Cat Simulator Roblox on your PC or mobile phone
  2. Click on the Codes button, which is located on the side of the screen
  3. Copy the code from the list
  4. Paste it into the “Type the code here” text box
  5. Press the Redeem icon to win the prize

This Roblox game was designed at Sharkbyte Studios in October 2019. It currently has 11.6 million views and 115,047 Likes.

As a lover of Roblox games and cats, in Cat Simulator you have everything to have fun with: balls of different colors, claws to scratch everything in your path, and fish coins that you can exchange for rewards.

Remember to follow the official accounts of Sharkbyte Studios and users @Frinigus and @Tigercaptain to get rewards and codes. Meow.

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