Super Clicker Simulator Roblox Codes – January 2023

Post updated: January 5, 2023

Super Clicker Simulator is one of the best online video games generated by the Roblox platform. The game was developed by JeffStudios and is very easy to play, you will have to click to earn gems, pets, and rebirths. The player will test his skill and buy various pets to become a more powerful character. Only in this way, he will get enough tokens to have a high score in the game ranking.

So, if you want to win more gifts, stay on this post and use the Super Clicker Simulator codes that we bring to you.

Super Clicker Simulator code list

Below, in the list below, we show you the most current codes, which still remain active:

  • RussoPlays – Redeem for a YouTuber pet
  • 01001100 – Redeem for a Dragon Hacker Pet.

How to redeem codes in Super Clicker Simulator

It is very easy to redeem the codes, we explain to you which are the steps to follow:

  1. On the right side of the screen, you will see a blue icon with two little faces, click on it.
  2. Copy one of the codes.
  3. Now, click on CODE HERE, in the blue box that opens.
  4. Then, paste in the code you copied.
  5. Finally, click on CONFIRM to get the result of the code.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is imperative that you write the codes correctly. That is to say, you must respect upper and lower case for it to be valid. Otherwise, you will not receive any reward.

Take advantage of this and redeem the codes while they are still active. Since, after a period of time, the codes expire.

What is the Super Clicker Simulator game about?

If you are new to this video game, here is a brief explanation of what it is all about. Roblox Super Clicker Simulator is a game in which you have to touch a button to earn clicks. You have to do it many times so that you can accumulate enough clicks. In this way, the player can be reborn and earn gems.

With the crystals earned, you will have the ability to buy pets that will help you earn more clicks. What is the challenge in this video game? You have to unlock all the levels, so you can enjoy all the existing worlds and have as many rare pets as possible. Finally, you will reach the top of the rating shown in the Roblox simulator ranking.

Where can you get more codes for Super Clicker Simulator?

To get more codes, you have to keep a close eye on this post. It will be updated with more codes as they are provided.