What are commands and how to use them in Roblox?

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Commands are codes that can be typed by a user to do any action in the game. They are small and very easy to type but still must have a correct structure when you use them.

Most of them will be used to make your avatar perform some movement, such as a grimace, a salute or a pirouette. These are called emotes and are preset in the animation system.

They are excellent to make the user’s actions in the game more realistic, besides, they give more emotion to the game and personality to the avatar. To use them, just type them directly in the chat and they will be executed immediately. Follow the steps below to use them:

  1. Click on the chat icon in the upper left corner of the screen: it is a dialogue cloud with three ellipses.
  2. This will open the chat window and the typing bar: click on it.
  3. You can also open it by pressing Shift + / keys on the keyboard.
  4. To use an emote you can type in the bar just “/e”: a list of default ones will appear.
  5. The /help or /? command is for requesting help in the system.

How to enable Roblox chat?

Many players will notice that they have the game chat disabled, preventing them from being able to use the codes. This can happen for several reasons. The main one is because the user is registered as a minor, so if you are under 13 years old the system will automatically block the chat. This is to protect personal data and information that could be leaked by mistake.

On the other hand, if you are over 13 and the chat is still disabled it may be because your parents have used privacy and parental control setting within the game itself.

But if none of these cases coincide with your cases you can enable it by following the steps below.

  1. Log in to your account and click on Account Settings in the top right corner icon.
  2. Click on Privacy, there you will see a tab indicating “Who can chat with me”: select it.
  3. Next, other tabs with options will drop down: click on Everyone.
  4. Then scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Save.
  5. And that’s it: you can confirm that the chat is now up and running to type the commands.

Commands to make emotes

An emote is something similar to an emoticon, with the difference that it is not shown in the chat to make the message more striking, but it is used to generate an action in the system so that the avatar imitates an action.

There are countless codes for emotes in Roblox. There are a few that you can use for free, but you can also purchase new ones in the in-game store.

Most of them are written in English, so it is better to memorize some of them or write them separately to have them always at hand. Also, they are written in lowercase so that they are processed correctly by the system. The most basic ones are the following:

  • /e wave (Used to say hello).
  • /e laugh (To laugh)
  • /e point (To point with the finger)
  • /e cheer (Used to cheer)
  • /e dance (To do a dance), has two variants /e dance1 and /e dance2
  • /e sleep (To sleep)
  • /e bow (To bow)
  • /e excited (To look excited)
  • /e clap (To clap)
  • /e confused (To look confused)
  • /e eat (To pretend to chew or eat)
  • /e pose (To pose)
  • /e evillaugh (To make evil laughter)
  • e/ cry
  • e/ drink (To drink)
  • e/ flirt
  • e/ no (To express denial)

These are just a few but in the game, you will see all the collections. In addition, more are added periodically to give you variety when playing.

Here you have a large list of codes:

  • /e laugh
  • /e dance
  • /e dance2
  • /e dance3
  • /e wave
  • /e point
  • /e cheer
  • /e dance
  • /e sleep
  • /e wave
  • /e thumbs-up
  • /e beg
  • /e blowkiss
  • /e bow
  • /e cell
  • /e watch
  • /e excited
  • /e cheer
  • /e chestpuff
  • /e choke
  • /e clap
  • /e terminal
  • /e confused
  • /e flirt
  • /e no
  • /e drink
  • /e head
  • /e eat
  • /e strong
  • /e fistpound
  • /e flex
  • /e pose
  • /e laugh
  • /e evillaugh
  • /e observe
  • /e pickup
  • /e picture
  • /e point
  • /e read
  • /e rude
  • /e salute
  • /e search
  • /e smokebomb
  • /e bringit
  • /e walkie
  • /e wary
  • /e cry
  • /e shake
  • /e rest

Benefits of being an administrator

When you have the advantage of working for a video game corporation the programmers grant an administrator permission. They do this in the hope that you will have the “power” to make changes, improve community activities and ensure good behavior in the game. This title entails a great deal of responsibility, which also shines through in its benefits.

For example, administrators have the advantage of “altering” some facets of the game by using their own commands and some programming language codes. Needless to say, these users should have some knowledge of Lua, which is the programming language.

Commands that administrators can use in Roblox

There are several codes available for admins, but it is necessary that you use them responsibly and ethically, since by having this title you can even make another player’s character disappear. These are some of the most essential ones:

  • Enter new player: This is a basic code, it is used by typing respawn/[“player name].
  • Force fields: They can be assigned to a group of players and are executed by typing shield/[“player’s name”] or Ff/[“player’s name”]. To remove the fields use unff/[“player name”].
  • Tools: To offer all the tools of the Starter Pack to a player, type givetools/[“name”], but to give only specific tools, use give/[“player’s name”]/[“item’s name”]. On the other hand, if you want to remove all the tools, use removetools/[“name”].
  • Powers: If you want to offer a pack with multiple powers to a user simply use god/[“name”].
  • Paralyze: There are many codes to immobilize characters; for example, to transform to a zombie state you use zombify/[“name”]. To freeze freeze/[“name”], to cage jail/[“name”]. To undo the first two, thaw/[“name”] is used, to remove from the cage unjail/[“name”] is used.
  • Delete: The commands to “explode” or “kill” can be used, the first one explodes/[“name”] and the second one is kill/[“name”].

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