Which is better Roblox or Minecraft?

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September 25, 2021

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This confrontation remains active in the world of video games, mainly because they are the leading exponents of the Sandbox genre focused on the construction of worlds from the computer.

Roblox and Minecraft have marked differences, despite sharing the same objective: to guarantee fun for their players.

Therefore, knowing a little more about this pair of popular games will allow you to have a clearer idea and venture to try either of them.

Remember: while in Roblox there is more flexibility when it comes to creating scenarios and characters, in Minecraft the gameplay is limited to only five modes.

Anyway, if you’re excited and want to start diving in? Let’s get cracking!

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Are Roblox and Minecraft the same?

If you are a beginner and want to know what each one is, the answer is simple.

Roblox was launched in 2004, with the initial aim of satisfying children’s interaction with their friends, as well as stimulating their imagination. However, as time went by, the game reached other dimensions and became a title characterized by a wide range of design possibilities, creation of worlds, and characters, among other elements that have enriched the gamer experience.

For its part, Minecraft appeared on the market five years later (2009), gaining astonishing popularity that for many years left the precursor of this type of game, Roblox, in the background.

But as life is cyclical, in 2017 Roblox regained its place of honor and surpassed Minecraft in the number of active users (64 vs. 55 million).


Currently, there are six aspects that distinguish one from the other. The fight between Roblox and Minecraft is far from over. Therefore, here we show you what the most relevant differences are:

Type of gameplay

First of all, Roblox has an extensive range of thousands of games, in contrast to Minecraft, which only has five games at its disposal: survival, extreme, creative, spectator, and adventure.

In addition, Roblox’s audiovisual platform allows gameplay to be viewed via a YouTube-like platform, which is something of a novelty in this genre.

Minecraft, in turn, facilitates the construction of infinite random worlds, which can vary in landscapes, flora, fauna, and minerals, without forgetting the essential objective: to survive through the search for food and resources.


Compared to other sequels or mainstream titles, the prices of Roblox and Minecraft can be considered affordable.

Minecraft costs approximately 26 dollars, while Roblox is free. However, to enjoy better benefits it is necessary to purchase a premium plan which is set between 4.99 dollars 19.99 dollars.

Among the advantages of buying Roblox Premium are:

  • Sell, buy and trade items.
  • Create more than one game.
  • Obtain exclusive content.
  • Possibility to earn real money.


In this segment, Roblox is the clear winner.

And why do I say this?

Simply because its graphics are more realistic, similar to those of Lego characters.

On the other hand, Minecraft has more similarities with improved textures, something that its closest competitor does not offer for now.


As previously mentioned, Roblox favors interaction between its players, which represents a greater opportunity to consolidate communities within the game itself. There, you will be able to add friends, join groups, talk online and follow each other.

Minecraft also contains some of these features but, at tea time, opts for solo gameplay.


Going into the Skinks section, Roblox once again comes out on top, as it has a huge inventory accompanied by a variety of alternatives to customize each character with clothes, accessories, wings, emotes, and weapons. Not only that but the thickness, height, and color of the character can also be modified.

Minecraft, on the other hand, lacks this depth of customization options.

Origins of the game

Perhaps at this point, you may think that the early days of the game are of little interest to the masses. However, it is always good to remember where you came from.

In simple terms, Roblox was devised by a group of professionals in 2004, unlike Minecraft, which was made by less than five people on an obviously small budget.

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If there is one thing that is clear, it is that both are popular, and by far. In popular culture, you can find direct references, such as that episode of South Park in which the children apply parental control to their parents’ TVs by using a key related to Minecraft.

Noting their similar aspects and notable unique features, it is important to note that the tastes of the individual player may trigger them to choose one of the two options mentioned in this article without being judged for it.

Well, for informational purposes, here are the strengths to keep in mind:


  • Thousands of different games.
  • Easy to create games.
  • Earning in real currency: having the ability to live comfortably thanks to that.


  • Survival.
  • Exploration.
  • Freedom to build worlds, objects, create, discover scenarios.

In conclusion, if you like to design worlds full of infinite opportunities, Roblox and Minecraft are definitely the alternatives you are looking for. Besides that, if you feel like meeting new people or maybe spending some quality time playing alone, you will also benefit from these well-known cross-platform games.

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