Devious Lick simulator (Roblox) codes – April 2023

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The devious licking simulator is now on Roblox, which mimics the practice of rummaging through desks, lockers, and bathrooms at school without getting expelled. In the new Devious Lick game, you can redeem codes for coins, pets, and extra time to get “luckier” and get items faster than other players.

Here are the updated and expired codes as of March 2022.

Devious Lick simulator code list

Currently, these are the codes that have been released by the Devious Lick game designers for Roblox.

  • ANOTHERL8UPD8: Redeem this code for 3 hours of super luck (New!)
  • SHINYHEART – 30 minutes of Shiny Boost usage
  • SUPERLUCKYHEART – 30 minutes of use of the Super Luck Boost.
  • LUCKYHEART – 30 extra minutes of Minute Luck Boost.
  • VERYLUCKY – One hour of Super Lucky Boost.
  • VERYSHINY – One hour of 2x Shiny Chance Boost.
  • ILLUMINATI – 30 minutes of 2x Coin Boost.
  • Sylently – For a Luck Boost.
  • – Double effect of the Strength Boost.
  • Sylently – For a Strength Boost.
  • Release – 100 coins.

Remember to write the codes respecting uppercase, lowercase, and signs as they appear in the list. You can copy and paste them. These are the ones that have already expired.

  • L8THIRDUPD8 – 3 hours of 2x Luck Boost.
  • L8SECONDUPDD8 – 3 hours of 2x Luck Boost.
  • L8FIRSTUPD8 – One Luck Boost.

To find more codes, follow the personal Twitter accounts of Sylently and Henry TheDev, the game’s developers. You can also join the community on Discord, where you will have access to rewards, chat with other students, and news.

In this fictional world, you can pick up anything that isn’t nailed to the ground and rummage through water fountains, lockers, and desks for coins at all levels of the school. With the money, you can buy pets, which help you in your missions as a thief.

How to redeem codes in the Devious Lick simulator

Redeeming them is easy. Just follow these steps.

  1. Log in to Devious Lick on PC or mobile
  2. Click on the Twitter button on the right side of the screen.
  3. Copy the code directly from the list.
  4. Paste it into the text box.
  5. Click on the “Twitter” button on the right side of the screen.
  6. Click on “claim code”

New updates

Since its inception in November 2021, Devious Lick has recorded 20.4M+ views and 141,584 favorites. Its latest update in March 2022 featured these new features.

  • Commit “devious licks” without being suspended
  • Collect items and sell them to buy and care for pets.
  • Use pets to advance through the levels of the school and commit more thefts.

It is worth noting that VIP servers have double the chance of finding golden items, which can respawn 5x faster. These have 5x health and 2x selling price.

In this game, you can steal coins in order to top the Devious Lick Simulator leaderboard. Of course, the developers and we ask you not to do it in real life. Remember to follow the official accounts for the latest updates.

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