Dragon Orbz (Roblox) Codes – April 2023

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dragon orbz codes

Dive into the world of Roblox Dragon Orbz to train and gain maximum power.

This experience will take you to recreate a diversity of attacks from the Dragon Ball series and then put them into practice in battle.

Complete the missions that are presented to obtain Zen and quickly level up your character in search of Orbz, similar to the Dragon Balls, although they do not grant wishes.

Enter, wander around the map, fight against other players in PVP, test your skills and win lots of attacks during your journey to the top of the leaderboards!

Dragon Orbz Active Codes

We have for you the newest in codes to work Roblox Dragon Orbz:

  • LikeGoal2 – Redeem for 30 minutes the code for 2x Experience Boost.
  • Kolapo – Unlike the previous one, redeem the code for 2x Experience Boost for 15 minutes.
  • FreeReset – Performs the code redemption to reset stats.
  • LikeGoal1 – You can redeem the code for 2x Experience Boost for 30 minutes.
  • RESET1 – This allows you to redeem the code to reset stats
  • RELEASE – Redeem the code to get Free Zen.

Make sure to use them soon, as they have an expiration period, and also get many other codes for more games on our Roblox game codes page.

Take advantage! These codes have not yet expired.

Don’t forget that these can be exchanged for ZEN and in turn used to purchase a variety of items.

How to redeem game codes

If it gifts you’re looking for, you can find them in our list of Dragon Orbz codes. Redeem them through the following steps:

  1. Open from your mobile device or PC Roblox Dragon Orbz.
  2. At the side of the screen press the Twitter button.
  3. Next, copy the code from the list provided on our page
  4. Make sure to paste it where it says “Enter code here.”
  5. Click the Enter button.
  6. Ready! You can now enjoy your reward.

Verify that, when you enter the code, it is correct with respect to our publication, that is, that it is written as it appears in our list. Follow the process described above and we guarantee its proper functioning.

Please note that you must distinguish between upper and lower case letters and check if you have made any mistakes. If after entering it correctly it still does not work, it is possible that it is no longer active. In this case, please contact us via comments to remove it from the list immediately.

Where to find more Dragon Orbz codes?

If in addition to knowing the most current codes out there for Dragon Orbz, you want to find more, then follow its developers ItsKolapoRBLX, ItsNoahWho, Gavineoo, and Ryzoft on Twitter. 

Join to interact with other players and stay up to date on the latest game news via the official Discord server. 

Also, we recommend you to check our page frequently to check our latest updates, as we will be adding all the codes as they are announced.

Visit us! And don’t forget to bookmark this page by pressing CTRL + D on your PC keyboard or via your mobile device.

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