10 Famous Roblox Youtubers you should know about

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November 21, 2021

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Roblox is one of the hottest games on the YouTube streaming platform. It has been building a substantial and loyal fan base since its launch in September 2006.

Roblox’s official Youtube channel has nearly 2 million subscribers from over 100 countries worldwide. Official game previews, gameplays, tutorials, live broadcasts of events and award ceremonies are posted there.

However, the growing community of Roblox Youtubers generates much more interesting, less formal, but more intriguing content.

By following these channels, the broadcasts present an excellent and fun way to experience this game. In addition, they help to improve skills and discover new opportunities for novice and expert players.

Here we bring you a list of famous Roblox Youtubers you should know.

The best Roblox YouTube channels

With such a large community of players (over 100 million monthly active users), it was to be expected that there would be a plethora of channels with varied Roblox-related content.

As some popular Youtubers pushed the boundaries of Roblox, this game was able to reach a much larger audience, each with its own gaming experience preferences.

While the most interesting channels tend to be in English, since that’s where the largest number of players are located, this content is easy to understand even if you’re not fluent in the language.

Below, we bring you a list of what we consider to be the best Roblox YouTubers that you should follow if you are a user of this game:

Flamingo (formerly AlbertsStuff)

Also formerly known as AlbertsStuff, this YouTuber has over 6.5 million subscribers and over 10 million views on his videos. With such an impressive record, it’s clear that Flamingo knows his stuff and offers very interesting material for the community.

He posts at least one video a day and focuses on showcasing his extensive knowledge of the game’s hidden secrets, tricks, tips, and scenarios. This allows any newbie or expert to get the most out of it.

His attention to unknown levels of small details makes his videos so popular. With over 1,400 videos on his channel, he is an endless source of Roblox tricks. Some of the most popular are the ones showing the VR experience of the game.

All of this undoubtedly makes him an unmissable YouTuber that we think you should follow if you’re looking for good content.


One of the most famous Roblox YouTubers. He has become so well known thanks to his enthusiastic style and cheerful character.

He has 4.5 million subscribers dating back to 2007 and an average number of 4 million views per video. With these figures, Tofu seems to know how to entertain while sharing important values and ideas in his videos.

His specialty: causing noticeable chaos in the main game modes.


Another famous veteran Roblox YouTuber is Poke. He started in 2007, a year after the launch of this game. With almost 4.5 million subscribers and a unique sense of humor in his videos, he has become one of the most important content creators in this community.

His specialty is “in-game challenges” as well as practical jokes on other players. He is probably the most creative in the community, as he uploads comedy-based content. He’s worth a look, as you never know how his pranks or challenges will end.


This popular content creator has over 23 million subscribers and about 3,000 videos on his channel. Although DanTDM tends to focus on Roblox, his channel also features gameplays of other titles and genres.

He specializes in creating the best skins for the game. He also has several popular series, including one in which he documents his rivalry with a herd of pigs in the game.

He uploads varied content frequently. In the case of Roblox gameplays, he does so 2 times a week.


One of the fastest-growing channels in the community is that of Denis, who has almost 9 million subscribers since he started in 2016. Without a doubt, he is a very consistent YouTuber, as he makes a daily video of his adventures in the game.

He has a full edit and a unique comedic style. So much so that even viewers who don’t enjoy the game love Denis’ content. We recommend it if you’re looking for funny and entertaining content.


GamingWithKev has over 6 million subscribers. This channel is another must-see option. Especially, if you’re looking for fun, exciting and comedy-based content.

There you will find funny Roblox reviews, jokes, and other types of interesting videos. It is very active, as it uploads content almost every day.


This content creator is a great choice if in addition to Roblox you enjoy games like PalsCraft or Hello Neighbor. He has over 3 million subscribers and has become very popular thanks to his wit and sense of humor.

His videos are entertaining and suitable for all audiences. He posts regularly, up to 4 videos a week, enough to keep viewers hooked.

MooseCraft Roblox

For the younger members of the household, there’s MooseCraft Roblox, which is a kids’ entertainment channel. Its main goal is to make people laugh and entertain by creating stories that engage the little ones.

It is not such an active channel, they upload content sporadically. That means you’ll only see 2 or 3 new videos a month.


Another excellent option for younger people. This channel is very active because they upload daily videos dedicated to children. Most of these videos are also based on stories that the little ones like to watch.

It has more than 2 million subscribers and its content is friendly and suitable for all audiences.

RadioJH Games


This YouTuber has over 1 million subscribers and makes content aimed at girls, especially girls. She posts gameplays and interesting reviews. She is very active posting, as she uploads 5 videos a week.

These 10 Roblox channels are the favorites of the community and we recommend them for those who want to keep busy for a few hours. You don’t have to follow them all, but you have a variety to choose from to suit your gaming preferences.

While some focus on creating content to help improve players’ skills, as well as offering tips and tricks, others just seek to entertain and amuse the viewer. It’s all going to depend on what you’re looking for.

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