Fish simulator (Roblox) codes – April 2023

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fish simulator codes

The Fish Simulator game codes are now updated. You can find them below to exchange them for amazing rewards in your fish tank. What are you waiting for to grow bubbles and discover aquatic realms full of fantasy?

So far this year (May 2022), no expired codes have been reported. So if you’re a new fish, you can take advantage of the new Fish Sim keys.

Fish Simulator updated codes

This is a simulation and strategy marine world designed by DuoBonza to play online on Microsoft Windows. You will be able to make use of these working codes to exchange them for rewards.

  • New Season: free rewards.
  • Kanshy: 37,000 coins.
  • Golden: 3,000 coins
  • Sunken: 3,000 pearls
  • Mythical: 7,000 pearls
  • Valentine: 7,000 pearls
  • Boss: 3.000 pearls
  • Fishgoals: 3.000 pearls
  • Nuclear: 3.000 pearls
  • Fishquad: 3,000 pearls
  • Apocalypse: 3,000 beads
  • Mumazing: 500 coins
  • Russo: 500 coins
  • Calamity: 500 coins
  • Woohoolikes: 500 coins
  • Elyes: 7,000 pearls
  • Baro: 7,000 pearls
  • Flyes: 7,000 pearls
  • Release: 1,500 coins

As of today, no expired codes have been reported in the game.

How to redeem codes in Fish Simulator

To exchange keys for rewards, you must follow these instructions.

  1. Open Roblox Fish Sim on your PC or mobile device
  2. Press the Fish button at the top of the screen.
  3. Touch the shopping cart icon.
  4. Copy the code from the list.
  5. Paste in the text box “Redeem code” the word
  6. Select the arrow button to earn the reward.

For your game loyalty, you can get more codes by following the Twitter accounts of Barothoth and FlyesRblx, the developers of the game.

You can also receive rewards by joining the official Royal Fire Discord server. This is the community for chatting with other users and receiving the news with updated keys and other surprises.

But what is this Roblox platform game about? In this aquatic world, you become a fish looking for hidden treasures in the ocean. To do this, you must fulfill missions and overcome obstacles. As you earn coins and pearls, you can improve your skills as a marine explorer.

New updates

Fish Sim was released in August 2021 and to date has garnered 10.1M+ views and 72,247 favorites.

The dynamics of the game are simple. You must swim through the fish tank and hit with your little head several times the bubbles, which enclose inside, coins and other rewards. To move, follow these steps.

  • CTRL: to move forward
  • Space: to move up.
  • Shift: to lock the shift.
  • Shift: to lock the shift.

For their new season updated in March 2022, the developers incorporated these new features for their adventurous fish community.

  • World of the Cursed Depths
  • New hub
  • Another collection screen and new items for permanent prizes
  • New trading currencies
  • New fish
  • More codes
  • Correction of the leaderboard. It’s going to take longer for the restock option

With these updates, the creators of Fish Simulator invite you to navigate this new world with mystical underwater realms, bubble farming, and mask creation to discover hidden treasures. On the game server itself, you can connect with other fish in the chat to exchange experiences.

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