What are Game Passes in Roblox and how do they work?

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December 18, 2021

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You probably already know that Roblox has unique features and a wide variety of functions with the ability to keep a large audience hooked.

This game fascinates more than one with its user-friendly interface and a huge amount of multi-universes that make it impossible to give way to boredom. The icing on the cake is that it allows its users a high degree of customization of their avatars and even to be able to obtain real benefits.

Roblox offers endless possibilities. You can get free clothes for the characters or create them by themselves. You can also create private and public universes and even create Game Passes to obtain Robux (the virtual currency of this platform) without having to use real money.

Here we are going to tell you what the latter is all about and how it works.

More about Game Passes


Game Passes or Game Passes can be equivalent to a digital ticket or VIP shirt that players can purchase. They serve to earn some type of benefit within a particular map.

These benefits can be the adoption of certain skills, extra bonuses, special items, and VIP accessories. In short, they serve as badges in front of other players.

It is important to note that each of these will be devised by the creators of each game and will have different characteristics. In addition, each player is only allowed to purchase one Game Pass of each type.

Any member of the Roblox community can make a Game Pass, as these are freely created. Therefore, they can be sold on the platform for as many Robux as you decide.

Robux obtained from the sale of Game Passes will be in “Pending” status for a maximum of 3 business days. Then they will be paid to the creator’s account. Likewise, the amounts from these sales will be subject to a fee by the platform.

What Game Passes give you

Actually, there are many and varied advantages and abilities that Game Passes can give you. Basically, because they depend on the creativity of each developer within the platform. However, we will dare to mention some of the most common and outstanding ones:

The advantages

Enjoy the privilege of accessing new sites on the map that few have entered before

  • Fully customized VIP titles.
  • Unique tools.
  • Particular accessories and booths.
  • Customized VIP titles.
  • Coin or gem bonuses.
  • Advancing to another level.


  • Maximum speed and superior strength.
  • Super powers.
  • More and longer arms.
  • Lights in the armament.
  • More arms and longer length.
  • Multiform arms that can be dragon, spaghetti, snake, neon, chain or magma.
  • Superman power.
  • Super star.
  • Glass body.
  • More heads.
  • Earn more money and advance quickly between levels.
  • Increase building floors.
  • Enable the construction of extra places or basements in the house.
  • Enlarge the plots of land.
  • Select places to live in.
  • Have particular masks.
  • Use multiple faces.

How to obtain Game Passes

The way to obtain Game Passes is by purchasing them with Robux. The procedure consists of the player accessing his favorite server and going to the game store. In it is possible to view a catalog with all the Game Passes available and with prices ranging from 100 to 500 Robux, depending on the level in question.

When you have decided which one you want, proceed to make the payment in Robux and the Game Pass is yours. Surely, you will have to wait sometime before you can see your benefits or acquired skills. Do not panic, this is completely normal, as the system must verify the user ID.

You should know that each Game Pass has an associated image that alludes to what it does, as well as a name and its respective price in Robux. Another way to purchase them is through the official Roblox store via the URL.

Free Game Passes

And here comes the bad news, since so far, Game Passes are not free. In fact, it is a strategy used by some of the platform developers in order to generate profits. Despite this, they sometimes create private groups within the system in which they make promotions to their most loyal followers.

Now, if you execute some specific actions you will have the opportunity to participate in sweepstakes to get free in-game prizes, several skins, Robux, Game Passes, and Game Access.

Likewise, you can get promo codes on Roblox social networks and by subscribing to the most prominent YouTube channels, at no cost. What are you waiting for to enjoy the best advantages of this game?

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