Garden Tycoon (Roblox) Codes – April 2023

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Among the most popular Roblox games is Garden Tycoon, where you can build and grow your dream garden. As you progress, you earn cash, making you richer, which will allow you to upgrade areas of your garden and expand it to move up the rankings.

The creators of the game make updates and upgrades every so often, so you won’t get bored. But if you usually look for tricks on the Internet and you are interested in discovering the key to advancing faster, below, we leave you a list with the codes to earn free rewards, which will help you to expand your garden and advance in the game.

Discover all the codes

In every game on the Roblox platform, there are a number of codes that you can activate and redeem for totally free rewards and prizes. In this brief guide we share with you the codes active in March this year for Garden Tycoon, we have tested them and we guarantee that they work perfectly.

  • 150Players– This code can be redeemed for 500 cash.
  • 2kMembers – Redeem this code and get 2000 cash
  • Treehouse – This is the newest code of all and you can redeem it for 3000 cash.

The cash you get from activating and exchanging these codes can be used to upgrade and expand your garden, and you can even invite friends to see the progress of your garden and start building theirs.

Currently, there are no expired codes, but we recommend you use the codes as soon as possible so that you can enjoy their benefits since after a certain time they usually expire.

How to redeem codes in Garden Tycoon

Now that you have the list with the active Roblox Garden Tycoon codes, we tell you what to do to redeem them and thus get the cash you are looking for. The procedure is very simple, follow these steps:

  • Start the Garden Tycoon game on your PC or mobile device
  • Click on the Twitter button that is located on the side of the screen.
  • Copy some code from the list.
  • In the new window that appears, enter the code you are going to redeem in the text field that says “Enter Code” or “Enter Code.”
  • Click on the Redeem button to get your cash for free.

Once you have the reward, use it well so that you can upgrade your garden and advance in the game. It is important that you make sure you enter the code as it is written in this list so that you do not have any inconvenience to redeem it because if you write it otherwise it is possible that the code will not work for you.

How to get more codes

If you want to get new codes for Garden Tycoon we recommend you follow Tycoon Palace on Twitter, the creators of the game. They may share other codes to redeem at some point.

Also, you can join the official Discord server for the game, so you can get the latest news and updates, as well as chat with other players.

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