Giant Simulator (Roblox) Codes – April 2023

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More meters tall means more fun in the Roblox Giant Simulator game. To grow taller, defeat your enemies, and complete missions, you can redeem the newly updated OP codes. These include shells, eggs, snowballs, and gold.

This war and adventure game developed by Mithril Games has become one of the most popular. In fact, it is already on the Xbox.

What are the current codes for Giant Simulator

The developers of this Roblox game of giants offer these codes. In any case, they allow you to upgrade your weapons and your character’s skills.

  • beattheclock: Redeem this code for 1.1k Time Attack Coins (New!)
  • ancientaliens: Redeem this code for Gold
  • anunnaki: Redeem this code for Gold
  • TYFORTHELIKES: Redeem this code for 100k Gold
  • sugarcoat: Redeem this code for 1k Season XP
  • gifts – Get 1.000 season xp
  • soluble – Get 1.000 season xp
  • BONUS – Get 1.000 credits
  • MARCH 22: 20 premium coins
  • Winter21: 1000 snowflakes
  • meatdept: 20,000 gold units
  • Xbox: 25,000 gold units
  • Mythical: 100,000 gold units
  • Milo Evolved: 10.000 gold units
  • AzadArtifacts03: 10,000 units of gold
  • miloartifacts13: 10,000 gold units
  • Artifact: 500 quest points

You must write the codes exactly as they appear in the list respecting an upper and lower case.


As of the date (May 2022) these are the codes reported as expired.

  • SUMMER: 1,000 shells
  • EASTER2021: 1,000 eggs.
  • Evolution: 1,000 eggs.
  • GiantNewYear: 500 snowflakes.
  • Snowflakes: 500 snowflakes.

How to redeem codes on Giant Simulator

If you follow Mithril Games Twitter account and join their official Discord server, you can chat with other users and receive the news of this game such as events, prizes and cheats. To request the updated codes in Giant Simulator, you must follow these steps.

  1. Log in to Roblox Giant Simulator on PC or mobile.
  2. Press the Twitter icon, which is on the side of the screen.
  3. Copy the code from the list.
  4. Paste it into the “Enter code” text box.
  5. Click OK to earn the reward, which allows you to upgrade your skills and add up coins.

In Giant Simulator you are the protagonist of an epic in which you must defend yourself from other players, who want to catch you. To do this, you have to train yourself to become a fast, powerful and rich giant, in the company of majestic pets that can help you in times of danger.


In their recent update, the developers of the mythical world Giant Simulator have modified and included new, more challenging, and fun missions.

  • Realization of the first part of the Winter Event
  • Exploration of the new winter zone
  • Collection of the new winter pets, limited edition
  • Unlocking the new Winter Warrior mask
  • Collection of snowflakes across the map
  • New test for killing evil snowmen
  • Combination of 5 evolved pets to turn it into a rainbow pet, 4 times stronger than a base pet
  • Inclusion of auto-sell option in all boxes
  • A mix of 5 evolved pets to make them twice as strong

Giant Simulator by Roblox is one of the most popular games for its action quests, combat, and bounty hunting. In this epic world, you can modify your character’s weapons and shields. At the same time, you can raise fun pets, which accompany you in your quest to become the strongest giant in the kingdom.

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