How to play music in Roblox

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poner musica en roblox

Listening to your favorite music while you play is an alternative that helps to increase the excitement. Live an experience that is much more fun and less likely to make mistakes. Increase your concentration levels and take every opportunity to advance to the next level faster.

The Roblox platform is designed to allow you to download background audio, narration or other sound effects. With just a few steps, you can create a unique and very pleasant environment for you, read on and find out how to do it.


Necessary elements

In principle, you need to buy a radio to perform the sound reproduction. Some worlds already have it installed, while others do not broadcast audio unless that component is included.

Also, the developers of roblox have classified each song with special codes or identifiers called IDs. Such encodings can only be installed in games that support tunes.

Remember that the supported formats are .ogg or .mp3, the track must be less than 7 minutes long and not exceed 19.5 MB. The cost to upload each audio file varies according to its length, between 20 and 350 Robux.

Keep in mind that you are part of an extraordinary community and there are certain rules that apply to all users to make the environment pleasant.

The idea is that as a game lover you have the opportunity to create adventures, socialize online, share comments, among others. Quality entertainment is the priority of roblox and with the music background of your preference, the feeling of satisfaction increases.

roblox music

Steps to listening to music

These are the steps you must follow to listen to music simultaneously during any game:

Explore the available tunes

Access your account and select the option create which is located in the top menu, specifically in number 3. At this point you will notice that a folder called creation and a section called library will be displayed.

In the left menu that is inside you get the word audio with the different musical alternatives classified by genre.

Choose what you like best

As the list is extremely extensive, go to the search engine and write the topic you want to speed up the selection.

Although the songs in English predominate, you also get numerous alternatives in Spanish. Before choosing it, you have the possibility of listening to it in advance so that you can be sure that you have selected it properly.

Copy the ID

The next step after the selection process is to copy the ID identifier.

Roblox uses the same localization pattern, i.e. all URLs start with After adding the ID and the specific name of the song, is the result.

Since the ID is a numerical code, it is very easy to recognize. Write it manually on a sheet of paper or any other digital notepad so that you have it at hand whenever you need it.

Identifies supported games

Some games require the radio to play any audio, while others have speakers that are capable of loading the background music during its development, check the compatibility of all these aspects.

Customize your songs

Configure the downloads to be located more easily. Modify the name of the audio, add summaries to the file in the description section and perform the classification by genre.

If you want it to be accessible for free to other users, check if the make free element can be enabled.

In short, the background music contributes to creating an ideal environment to guarantee your fun.

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