How to recover your Roblox account

Roblox is a game in which thousands of users are registered, mostly teenagers under 18 years of age. It often happens that, by carelessness, the younger ones forget their passwords or lose the support to log in to their accounts. It is also common for Roblox accounts to be hacked.

For both reasons, it is common for many users to wonder how to recover them. If you are here, it is because you are possibly part of that group of players. Therefore, we bring you this article with the best solutions to recover your Roblox account.

Solution 1: password recovery

Recovering your login data is easy as long as you have not been deleted. If you have violated the community rules or have been inactive for more than a year, forget about this solution. If your case is that you have only forgotten your login data, here are the steps to follow:

  • Enter the game’s official site.
  • Access the area to create a new account.
  • You will find the “Login” option at the top right. Click here.
  • When you are asked for your login credentials, select “Forgot your password or username?
  • You will be presented with three options: “Recover with password“, “Recover with username”, “Use phone number to reset password”. For the first two options, it is essential that you have the e-mail address you used to register.
  • Depending on your case, enter your password or e-mail address and then press the “Send” button. A window will appear with a confirmation message indicating that your data has been sent correctly.
  • The last step is to access your e-mail and check the message you should have received from Roblox. If it does not appear in your main inbox, check your Spam or Junk mail.
  • Open the message in your inbox and, depending on the option you have selected, you will receive the necessary data to be able to log back into the platform.
  • With this, you should successfully regain access to the game.

Solution 2: Restore via cell phone

Another possibility to restore access data to the game platform is via your mobile device. To do this, you need to have verified your phone number when registering.

  • Access the official Roblox platform.
  • Access the area where the form for creating new accounts is located. Click on “Log in”.
  • As in the previous solution, click on the option “Forgot your password or username?
  • When presented with the recovery options, select “Use phone number to reset password”.
  • You must then select the country and your area code. Next, enter the phone number you want the message to be sent to.
  • As the platform needs to verify that you are not a bot, you must solve a Captcha and wait a few seconds.
  • As a final step, you must write the code you are going to receive on your mobile and verify it.
  • In case you have not received the text message, select “Resend code”.
  • Once your phone number is verified, you will be allowed to reset your password.

In the event that you are unable to verify your number or access your email, there is little that can be done. Your only option would be to start from scratch and create a new account.

Steps to recover your account if you were hacked

The first thing you should do is to verify if you have really been hacked. To find out, check one of these signs:

  • You enter your email address and password and it doesn’t allow you to log in. This means that your account may have been hacked.
  • You are included in suspicious groups that you did not join.
  • There is a change in your avatar.
  • On your home page, you find games that you have never played.
  • There are differences in your Roblox balance.

If you have any of these problems, it is likely that you have been hacked. Don’t panic, follow these steps to recover your account:

  • First of all, try to try the first solution we present you, the one to recover your password. There are some cases where the hacker does not change the email and this allows you to recover your password.
  • In case this does not work because the hacker has changed the email address, you should generate another address and contact Roblox.
  • When you contact Roblox, explain in detail everything about your hacked account. They will ask you for a solid proof that you are the real owner of that account. Send all the necessary evidence required by the platform.
  • Finally, after recovering your account, add an email to make sure that a similar situation will never happen to you again.