Mega fun obby (Roblox) codes – January 2023

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mega fun obby codes

The exciting game Mega Fun Obby by Roblox will make you vibrate with excitement in each of its stages due to the infinite number of obstacles to overcome. To do this, you must jump or run in order to overcome them without making any mistakes and be able to move forward.

Each jump you make helps you in your movement towards the goal as you try to overcome each new obstacle in order to pass to more difficult, but more interesting levels. There are 2,245 exciting stages to overcome.

The player has various codes that the game developer releases often. These serve to advance faster in each stage and that can be redeemed to get rewards for free.

Mega Fun Obby codes at work

The valid codes with their respective reward that are currently working are:

  • happy2023:Redeem this code for 4x skips (New!)
  • bigreward: Redeem this code for 4x skips

Expired Mega Fun Obby Codes

These are the codes that can no longer be used. But don’t worry if you have used them, as you can still count on your reward.

  • getskips: Cash a code for 2 free containers
  • bunchaskips: Redeem the code for 4 free skips or skips
  • christmas2021:Redeem a code for 4 free skips
  • p0tat0e: Cancel a code for 2 free skips
  • xk4n0s: Cancel a code to get 2 free jumps
  • robloxdown: Cancel a code to get 3 free jumps
  • squidgame: Redeem a code to get 2 free jumps
  • extraskipsss: Redeem a code to get 3 skips
  • summer2021: Redeem for 2 skips
  • dizc0rd: Redeem for containers.
  • backonitt: redeem for 2 jumps
  • onthegrind: redeem for 1 jump
  • shiftlock: exchange for jumps
  • willybwin2: redeem for 2 skips
  • positivity: exchange for containers
  • m33s33ks: redeem for containers
  • merryxmas2020: redeem for skips.
  • update2245:redeem for containers.
  • update2225:redeem for skips
  • imbaaack: redeem for hops
  • update2190: redeem for hops
  • Stillonthegrind: redeem for hops
  • update2115: redeem for hops
  • goinonvacation: redeem for hops

How to redeem codes at Mega Fun Obby

Codes are redeemable through a fairly simple process. You just need the game and click on the “Codes” button on the side of the screen. A menu opens in which there is a text box to enter the code to redeem. You can copy it from our list and paste it into the box. Then click the “Submit” button.

Done, that’s how easy it is to get with these codes some jumps for your advancement in the game.

How does the game work?

The game consists of making jumps or running between obstacles that get in the way so that you do not reach the goal. You must overcome each obstacle in order to move on to the next stage. In case you get stuck on something, you can use the codes that will help you solve the situation. Thanks to these, you can easily get more level jumps which imply, of course, an increase in difficulty.

The important thing is that you must not fall or touch certain blocks, as this will cause you to be returned to the beginning of the level in which you are playing.

When you reach the end of the game after completing all the stages, you can enjoy your triumph, feel proud of your achievements, prepare for the next stage and, of course, brag about it!

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