Códigos Roblox Deathrun (Roblox) – January 2023

Post updated: January 5, 2023

Deathrun is a runner game where you compete against other players. You can participate as a runner or as an assassin. If you compete as a runner your goal is to reach the finish line alive and kill the assassin. If you compete as an assassin your goal is to prevent the runners from reaching the end of the race.

Your role in this death race will be determined by chance, your role will change as the game progresses.

Roblox Deathrun was created by a team of developers called Team Deathrun, who contribute to game updates and the creation of new maps. There are many maps here that will also appear randomly. Also, you can interact and explore many of the objects on the stage, so you will not get bored in any way playing this game.

New Deathrun codes

  • There are no codes currently available

Expired codes

  • season10: redemption code for 10 gems and 10 snowballs (NEW).
  • taiga: redemption code for 50 gems (NEW).
  • decoy: redemption code for gems.
  • woah: redemption code for 25 gems.

How can you redeem codes on Deathrun

  1. Open Roblox Deathrun on your PC or mobile device
  2. Click the buy button at the bottom left of the screen
  3. Tap the Twitter icon at the top of the store menu
  4. Copy a code from our list
  5. Paste it into the “Enter a code” text box.
  6. Press the redeem button

Playing as a runner

If you are a runner, your mission is to reach the end of the game, safe and sound. You will have to avoid all the traps that are activated along the way. But you must not forget that it is a competitive game and you have to beat the other runners.

Once you have reached the end you will use a teleporter that will take you to where the murderer is, there you will have the opportunity to kill him. You have to remember that there is a countdown clock, you must kill the killer before the time runs out.

There is one element of the game that is sometimes forgotten and that is the giant hand. It makes the race difficult for all the racers. It appears every so often to add an extra degree of difficulty to the competition, you must stay away from it and not let it get close to you. Remember that when you are looking for a safe place to be safe from the traps, the hand appears and if it reaches you it will kill you.

Playing as an assassin

When you play as an assassin you take care that the participating runners do not complete the course. To do this, you will use a series of traps that you will have to activate along the map. You will go trap by trap until there is no runner left in the race.

Remember that as a killer you are also subject to a timer at the top of the screen. If a player completes the course, without falling into any of the activated traps, he will have the option to choose a weapon and kill the assassin. In this case, you have to prevent the runner from killing you. If you survive the runner, you win the game.

If you are one of those players looking for prizes the codes below are for you.