SCP Tower defense (Roblox) codes – September 2023

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September 2, 2023

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scp tower defense codes

The exciting SCP Tower Defense video game is an experience developed by Mashiusam for the Roblox metaverse platform. If you like tower defense, we invite you to try it, it will grab you from the beginning!

Game Operating Codes

This Roblox SCP Tower Defense SCP code list has all the valid and active codes that you can use to redeem cash and game fragments for free.

Valid codes

  • core – Redeem the code for coins
  • balance – Redeem the code for coins, gems, and tokens
  • professor – Redeem the code for coins
  • ThanksFor30M: Redeem this code for 1k Coins
  • Doctor: Redeem this code for free rewards
  • NewJourney: Redeem this code for 500 coins

Expired codes

  • xmas2022: Redeem this code for coins, gems and tokens
  • antikill: Redeem this code for 1k Coins
  • chains: Redeem this code for Tokens
  • dboi: Redeem this code for 1k Coins
  • scarlet: Redeem this code for Coins, Gems, and Tokens
  • uiu: Redeem this code for Coins
  • Badges – redeem for coins and shards
  • skins – redeemable for coins and fragments
  • doctor, redeemed for coins and shards
  • ThanksFor5M, redeemable for coins and shards
  • Mole Rats, you get rewards
  • shy guy, redeemable for 450 coins
  • Able, it is redeemable for 75 fragments
  • ThanksFor3M, is redeemable for coins and shards
  • RobloxReturns, you get 300 coins
  • XKClass, can be exchanged for coins
  • NewJourney, you get 500 coins
  • ThanksFor1M, redeemable for 1500 coins and 150 fragments
  • ThanksFor500K, redeemable for 1000 coins and 100 fragments

How to redeem SCP Tower Defense codes

Here’s how to redeem Roblox codes for SCP Tower Defense:

  • Start the game on your mobile device
  • Tap the Daily Rewards and Codes icon on the right side.
  • Remove the code to the right side of the screen.
  • Enter a valid code in the text box to redeem the codes.
  • Tap the Rewards & Daily Codes icon on the right side.
  • Click the “Redeem” button so that you can get and enjoy your free in-game rewards.

It is important to be attentive in typing the codes when entering them in the text box, as they must be typed exactly as they appear in our list in the post. Otherwise, they may not work. Therefore, we recommend you copy it from our article and paste it into the text box.

However, if you have checked it several times and some code does not work or has expired, you can let us know so we can update the list as soon as possible.

How does the video game work?

The dynamics of this game are to buy the best towers you can, find the optimal placement, and try to eliminate all waves of monsters. The game will reward you with money and with fragments to continue acquiring more towers.

Tower Defense will help you develop your skills when you are in search of the best and most powerful towers. It will also show you the best strategies so that you can defend them against the potential waves of horrible monsters that can attack them.

As you advance in the game levels, you’ll get coins that you’ll be able to use to buy more towers. Thus, you will improve your defense strategies. In addition, you can go through all the levels of the game by yourself or combine your powers with those of your friends.

SCP Tower Defense lets you test your skills to devise different strategies and approaches to eliminate as many attackers as possible.

And thanks to the codes, you’ll get that free dose of in-game coins. The two different types of coins you count on are:

  • The most common coins are the base currency. Used to buy new units for your tower defense armies, such as Siege Guards and Fire Devourers.
  • Rare shards. They work in a similar way but are much harder to get. As such, they are reserved for some rare troops, such as the Tickle Monster. Shards are also a premium currency, which means you can’t unlock them through the general game. Therefore, the only way to get them is by spending money or by using some code.

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