Space Tycoon Codes – January 2023

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Updated codes: January 5, 2023

In this post, we make a collection of codes for the Roblox Space Tycoon game with which you can earn some money and some extra gems by simply inserting the codes inside the game. So get ready to redeem Space Tycoon codes and enjoy all the advantages!

All Space Tycoon codes

These codes are inserted as they appear here. Remember that if any of them don’t work it is because they may be expired. Remember that this list will be updated every time there are changes in the codes, if you see that any of them has changed, let us know.

Valid codes

  • 2kActive: Get Free Gems with this code (New!)
  • Five Thousand: Get 150 Gems for this code.
  • space tycoon: Get 40 Gems for this code
  • release: get $50,000 for this code


For now, there are no expired, take advantage now to redeem all codes that are valid.

Redeeming Space Tycoon codes

Unlike other Roblox games in Space Tycoon you will need to click on the Settings wheel and click on “Enter codes”. This will open a new tab as if it were the Lobby; here at the bottom left you will have the option to add the codes in the little box that says “Enter A Code”.

Enter codes space tycoon

Add the valid codes we have left above and enjoy all the rewards.

If you want also the updated codes you can get them from the creator’s Twitter account, here

Want more Roblox game codes? We have a compilation with all Roblox game codes here.

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