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November 22, 2021

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Those of us who have Roblox on our devices and are fans of the survival genre can rest assured. Here we also have several games of this type and spend countless hours without getting bored.

This genre has the form of a flexible Roblox game and combines it with various very particular and interesting situations ranging from the most believable to the absurd.

Searching for the best games of this genre could be somewhat difficult, because of the time of existence of the genre. Therefore, we recommend the best, most popular, and those that are currently available on the platform for maximum fun.

The most successful survival games on Roblox

As the survival genre is very varied and versatile, we have chosen for this list the most fun ones that best fit the term survival.

Survive a Plane Crashsurvive a plane crash

In this game, we are challenged to survive a plane crash. Each stage is in progress, from takeoff to the unforeseen crash, in which you have the amazing experience with the music of this game.

You feel the tension as the engines shut down one by one, as well as when the oxygen masks fall out of the plane’s compartments. Survival can be somewhat difficult and it’s even likely that we may die, but the experience becomes entertaining.

You can play it here.

Natural Disaster Survivalnatural disaster survival

An elegant and novel version of Disaster Hotel. It consists of an extensive range of natural disasters, as well as volcanic eruptions.

Some scenarios might be a racetrack that could find itself in a snowstorm and force its competitors to seek some shelter. Or a theme park where flames could spread across its attractions.

In this game, there are several maps and we can visit several of them at each turn. All while trying to survive the deadly natural disasters that happen around us.

You can play it here.

Survival Mining Tycoon

survival mining tycoon

To those who are Minecraft fans, this is the best game for them. It is about a survival tycoon clearly inspired by Minecraft. When playing it, we see the similarities it has, because there are several mechanics and enemies notoriously similar. In this game, we have to build a great variety of things that will be necessary for our survival.

We will even have to build our own house, which will serve as a safe haven from our enemies. Many things to see, explore, as well as many struggles to perform in this vast world. It is recommended not only for fans of Minecraft but also for all Roblox players, who like the survival genre.

You can play it here.

Island 2island 2 roblox

It takes place in a suspenseful environment where we embody a survivor of a plane crash, who finds himself lost in the jungle. We will have to fight with different beasts that will want to end our life. In this game, we will be able to look for tools and materials to build a base.

This is a game that comes as inspiration from the game “The Forest” and has very similar features. Recently was added an online version in which we can play with our friends.

You can play it here.

Those Who Remain

those who remain

In this game, we must survive waves of infected. At the same time, we have to defend ourselves and protect our friends. It has several maps and the great thing about this game is that it has a time limit, with 10 rounds of survival to change maps. During the game, we will level up as we gain experience and get more weapons to improve the game.

You can play it here.

Catching Firecatching fire

Fans of The Hunger Games will be fascinated and enjoy these games, as it is a great tribute to this franchise. The objective is to kill all the players who are locked up with us. We must be the last one standing to be declared the winner.

Although not everything is so easy, because there are other players who are also very skilled and who are going to try to outdo us. This is what makes this game a total challenge, which can become addictive.

You can play it here.

SPC Containment Breach Survivalrbeach

Those who are interested in SCP stories will like this game. In the game, we find ourselves in one of the SCP facilities. What’s worse is that several of these monstrous creatures have knocked down the containment and are after us, as well as the other players that accompany us.

In this game, there are fan-favorite enemies such as SCP-173 and 049, as well as different ones, including SCP-087. A survival horror game, very impressive and fun.

You can play it here.

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