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world zero roblox codes

World Zero is one of the games that has gained a lot of popularity and users in recent times. Its environment is one of the most striking among the games of this type thanks to its colorfulness and interactivity offers the player.

World Zero is an RPG game created by a group of the same name. Here, players advance by overcoming different missions and fighting enemies to level up.

By the time of its release in mid-2019, access to World Zero was 400 Robux to later move to 25 Robux. However, the game was released for free in the month of September 2020.

Redeeming World Zero codes has become a topic of interest for gamers. Below, we explain these and other interesting facts.

What is World Zero? 

World Zero focuses on the progress of missions. In short, there are three types of missions: World, secondary and daily. As expected, world missions must be completed to gain access to the next world.

Secondary missions are not mandatory, i.e. they are optional for players. The advantage is that in return they offer rewards that are useful as the game progresses.

In the case of daily quests, up to three quests can be obtained, with a time limit of eighteen hours each.

Learn about World Zero codes

What are World Zero codes? Well, it is a list of codes, which is shared by the game developers themselves. In most cases, this is done after the update of the game or to celebrate the achievement of some stages of the game.

One of the advantages of World Zero codes is that they can be redeemed for benefits later on, specifically in the different tasks or missions presented in the levels.

The new World Zero codes

HOLIDAY2021: By redeeming this code you get 150 crystals.

It is important that you know the expired codes:

  • FAVMILLION: Redeeming this code granted 100 crystals.
  • 100MILPARTY: Redeeming this code would grant 100 gems.
  • APRILFOOLS: Redeeming this code would grant Rock Pet.

Sometimes, developers release new codes through videos posted on their social networks such as: Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. The important thing is to stay permanently updated and activate notifications for more information.

Another alternative is to join the Roblox BPASC TEAM developers group to keep up to date with the latest updates.

Information of interest to redeem codes in World Zero

It really is very simple to redeem codes for the game. All you have to do is go to the World Zero website and in the options menu look for the redeem codes window.

Then copy the codes from the list and press to get the reward. Another option is to write the codes manually, making the distinction between uppercase and lowercase to avoid inconveniences.

To obtain new codes we invite you to keep up to date with the publications of our website for these and other interesting information about the world of video games.

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