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December 30, 2021

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Far Cry is a video game saga that follows the concept of open worlds and was created in the mid-2000s. Its success has been clear to see how the saga lasts over time, with so far 6 main installments and 8 alternate stories, all very successful.

The attraction of this game is the independence it gives the player to do practically whatever he wants in terms of the development of the story.

Besides developing its stories in different exotic landscapes, there is also a good amount of specific time locations, where the title Far Cry Primal stands out, which takes us to the Prehistoric Era.

If you like adventure games in open worlds, you can take a look at the list of games we have for you:

Sleeping Dogs

sleeping-dogs-game (1)

We start the selection with one of the titles that users consider one of the best for Xbox 360 and PS3. It is set in the city of Hong Kong, where you will play the role of an agent who will infiltrate the Chinese mafia to try to destroy it from within.

It has an excellent combat system, where you will not only be able to use firearms but also melee combat, with fluid mechanics and really cool movements.

Its strong point is the enormous amount of secondary missions, where you can also enjoy betting, car races, and other curious events.

It is also greatly enjoyed the special care that has been put to the details of the environment, so you can enjoy a beautiful view of Hong Kong. And if the views were great on PS3 and Xbox, imagine the version for PS4 and Xbox One.

Batman: Arkham City


Developed by Rocksteady, Batman: Arkham City is one of the best superhero titles of all time. Its extensive map and the huge amount of available content guarantee many hours of gameplay.

Its gameplay is excellent and has a cast of villains never seen before that harmonize perfectly with the story that develops and that can represent a headache for more than one player.

Added to that, Arkham’s exploration is too much of a plus. I mean, what Batman comics fan hasn’t dreamed of roaming the dark streets of Gotham?

Rocksteady has managed in this title to fulfill the expectations of the most loyal Batman fans, allowing us to put ourselves in the shoes of the Dark Knight and do justice in the turbulent Gotham.

Such was the level of success of this game that it was the benchmark of the superhero genre until the arrival of Marvel’s Spiderman.

Marvel’s Spiderman


The jewel of Insomniac Games. It is the title that was responsible for dethroning Batman: Arkham City after 3 years of dominance in superhero titles. Marvel’s Spider-Man is a really complete and fun title.

The development of the adventure is simply spectacular, with the added bonus that it preserves the essence of the Spiderman we can see in the comics, which fans of this superhero thank with all their hearts.

It has excellent gameplay and several open worlds, but one of the things that make it stand out is the recreation that the Insomniac Games team has done of New York City, making Peter Parker feel right at home.

In summary, Marvel’s Spider-Man is a title you can’t miss in your bedroom if you are one of those who call yourself a fan of Spider-Man and superheroes in general. A tribute to heroism, action, and everything that Spider-Man represents for those of us who have been enjoying his adventures for decades.

Grand Theft Auto V


How can we fail to make mention of the mythical GTA in a post about open-world video games? Any self-respecting selection of games in this genre must include a title from the Grand Theft Auto saga.

Rockstar’s benchmark is arguably one of the most played (and most sold copies, having sold more than 110 million) open-world titles of today. This success is thanks to the effort that Rockstar has put into its development.

And you could not expect less from a saga that surpasses itself title after title, with new features, more extensive maps, quality images, and, above all, gameplay that makes us enjoy every second we spend in their world.

In GTA V we can play the campaign mode individually, but we get more out of it when we do it in multiplayer mode.

Despite being a title with several years on the market, it remains a benchmark for many players who, thanks to the inclusion of a huge amount of content and numerous secrets throughout the saga, have been able to enjoy and squeeze their consoles to unsuspected levels.

Forza Horizon 4


This is actually a car title within a selection of open-world video games.

Forza Horizon brilliantly introduces the open-world concept into its gameplay and offers some of the things that fans of the genre love most, namely an insane amount of different races around the world and an immense amount of cars to choose from.

As it has always been, the Forza Horizon saga uses an exquisite graphics system, with cars that reach such a level of reality that you’ll practically feel like you’re driving them on the highway.

The icing on the cake is the exploration of the United Kingdom, where you can go freely through the extensive map made in detail, something we could also see in titles of the Need For Speed saga. However, in Forza Horizon 4 you reach a completely different level where you will spend many hours before you get tired.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Another of the great jewels of open-world games. The level of originality and plot are such that they last over time. And 10 years after its release, more than a few players continue to come to its world in search of more adventures.

Skyrim is one of the pioneers of the genre, or at least it is known as a title that marked a before and after in the development of games belonging to the genre. So much so, that video games such as The Witcher 3 or GTA were benefited by the door that TES V opened for the unwary who ignored this type of game and the general public.

Your mission this time will be to defeat Alduin, the mythical dragon that will destroy the world. To do this, you must go a long way, while you strengthen yourself and your weapons.

In Skyrim, you’ll enjoy great independence and total freedom to go wherever you want, which is what makes the title stand out since its map is extremely large.

Undoubtedly, Skyrim is a memorable title that immerses us fully in an epic fantasy that takes place in a world with impeccable graphics, where the views that we can get at any point on the map are simply exquisite.

Horizon: Zero Dawn


One of the biggest (and most pleasant) surprises at the time of its release. And it is simply a title that has it all. Excellent gameplay, a solid and entertaining plot, an enviable graphic quality, and a huge map in which we have absolute freedom.

The incarnation of our character in a girl is something that is not normally seen in this type of title, and far from being a mistake, it is a total success for the players. A charismatic character, with a transcendental role that represents the female gender and distances it from the old stereotypes of helplessness.

The setting of this title is great, being set in a post-apocalyptic future where the world is dominated by huge mechanical creatures after a technological project gone wrong.

Horizon: Zero Dawn’s mix of fantasy and science fiction has resulted in a title that offers us a lot of action and adventure, accompanied by an interesting plot in which we have a certain degree of freedom of movement, although it is true that it is not the most independent title you can find in the selection.

Its success has been reflected in the appearance of our protagonist within the most beloved characters of the PlayStation brand, so, undoubtedly, we recommend you to try this title.

Red Dead Redemption 2


From the same developer of the successful GTA saga, comes Red Dead Redemption 2, the most complex, raw, and big title ever created by Rockstar. It is an open-world game set in the Wild West.

Contrary to what we can find in GTA, Red Dead Redemption does not have a hint of humor but has an atmosphere loaded with tension and duels.

It includes an exceptionally large map, where you’ll be able to do some good exploration on horseback and you’ll find a large amount of additional content and side missions that will keep you glued to your seat for many hours.

It’s a fairly complete title, with a magnificent setting where you’ll play the role of a mercenary and confront criminal gangs, as well as the forces of law and order of the moment, like any good outlaw.

The main attraction of this title is its western setting and the care in every detail, which offers players an experience of another level as if they were in a Hollywood movie. It is a title you must try if your thing is cowboy movies.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


This is, for many, the best open-world game of the moment. A huge map, a mind-blowing storyline, exceptional graphics, and quality content galore are just the tip of the iceberg of such an incredible project developed by CD Projekt Red.

Praised by most genre lovers, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has become the yardstick for measuring the quality of any game belonging to the open-world genre.

Accompany Geralt of Rivia through an extensive map while improving his skills as a hunter and witcher. Perform a large number of side quests that, despite not being the main story, don’t clash one bit, and you’ll even enjoy doing them a lot.

The game’s scenarios are incredibly well done, with amazing views and extreme attention to detail. However, what stands out in the environment is the presence of artificial intelligence that is capable of responding to each and every one of your actions in a surprising way.

Undoubtedly, The Witcher 3 is one of those titles that can make you smile more than once and warm the heart of any passionate gamer, filling your eyes with majesty, darkness, life, and beauty, while taking you through an incredible fantasy world where fantastic creatures that are also deadly predominate.

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


We close the selection with another surprise, and that is that Nintendo went a little out of its usual script in this installment of TLOZ, presenting us with an open-world game in which the most abundant are ways to finish the title.

Its best feature is the possibility it gives the player to choose his path to defeat Ganondorf. And you can go almost immediately to defeat him (you will have to overcome only a few main missions), or you can go through all the corners of Hyrule, exploring, getting to know, and becoming more skilled, and then go after him.

Its great flexibility has given its users the opportunity to enjoy the title that, although it is not a Skyrim, it can be said that, like that title, it has given a strong blow on the table with its arrival.

Mind-blowing landscapes, many adventures, vast territories, secret contents, and a lot of fun are the main flags that TLOZ Breath of the Wild shows to the world. Try it!

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