How to recharge gems in Stumble Guys

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September 14, 2023

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como recargar gemas stumble guys

Are you a fan of Stumble Guys and looking for ways to enhance your gameplay? You’re in the right place! Gems are essential in Stumble Guys, and in this article, I’ll show you how to reload them.

Stumble Guys is an action-packed multiplayer game full of challenges where the goal is to overcome obstacles and be the last player standing. But, what would make the game more exciting? That’s right! Gems.

Steps to reload gems

  1. Go to the reload section: Here you’ll see the different options available.
  2. Head to the Play Store or App Store: In my case, I use the Play Store since I have an Android device.
  3. Set up your payment method: When entering the Play Store, tap your profile picture or name at the top. Then, go to “Payment & subscriptions” > “Payment methods”. Here you can add a credit/debit card, PayPal, Mercado Pago, or redeem Google Play cards.
  4. Select your reload: Return to Stumble Guys and choose the number of gems or tokens you wish to buy. You will be redirected to make the payment using the method you’ve set up.

And that’s it! Once you make the payment, you’ll automatically receive your gems or tokens.

Price of the gems

In Stumble Guys, the store offers a variety of gem packages designed to meet the needs of every player. Whether you’re looking to make a small reload or invest in a larger amount for those special items, here are the available options:

  • Basic Pack: Get 250 gems for just €1.99. Ideal for those looking to make a small initial investment.
  • Standard Pack: With 800 gems available for €4.99, this package offers a good balance between quantity and price.
  • Advanced Pack: Boost your collection with 1500 gems for €7.99. Perfect for players looking for a little more.
  • Premium Pack: For the true fans, get a total of 5000 gems for €19.99. This package guarantees you’ll have enough gems for anything you want in the game.

Remember, having gems allows you to enhance your gaming experience by purchasing items, power-ups, and much more. Make your choice and power up your Stumble Guys gameplay! If you want to learn how to get free gems in Stumble Guys, check out our post.
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